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Remove browser virus Removal Instructions – 100% Working! The fact that has replaced your homepage and your search engine means that your system is infected with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers tend to do the changes regarding your default homepage and your search engine; thus, you will be able to restore the changes only [...]


What is is a harmful website that can access your computer without your authorization. If you see various banners, pop-ups and other useless data in your browsers it means that your PC is infected with a potentially unwanted program. PUPs are usually compatible with all popular browsers so you will notice the adverts [...]

Remove RockResult

What is RockResult? RockResult is an adware program that was created by a company called SuperWeb LLC which is infamous for potentially unwanted applications. It is advertised as a browser extension that will help you find various coupons so you can save money when shopping online. In reality, however, the program will not be useful [...] Removal

What is is a malicious webpage and a fake alert that may appear on your computer screen. What is important for you to know is that you should not follow any of the instructions that are presented in it. Do not download any supposedly useful software or call the fake tech support number [...]


What is is a browser hijacker that can affect all popular browsers once it gets installed onto your computer. It is identical to programs like,, and others. The hijacker usually comes with installcore bundles so if you download freeware from sites like or, you should be very attentive [...]


What is is a browser hijacker that you may acquire while downloading freeware or shareware from the Internet. It similar to other programs of this type like,, and many more. The main aim of a browser hijacker is to generate web traffic. It will use various methods to do that.