Latest Virus Removal Guides

DealPeak Removal

What is DealPeak? DealPeak is an advertising supported program, compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Since it invades all your browsers, the only way to avoid this application is to terminate DealPeak. However, it may not be so easy, because the adware is one of those programs that can randomly change its [...]

Remove Arcade Twist

What is Arcade Twist? Developed by ArcadeYum LLC, Arcade Twist is an ad-supported application compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The intruder usually enters user’s computer using a clandestine manner and unnoticed by the user. While the program is promoted on as a useful software, in reality it is just another intrusive [...]

Remove Steel Cut

What is Steel Cut? Steel Cut is an adware created by SuperWeb LLC, so if you are seeing ads labeled as ‘Ads by Steel Cut’ or ‘Provided by Steel Cut’, you do not need to panic. Ad-supported applications are not malicious, however they are extremely annoying and intrusive and will present you with multiple irritating [...]

Remove Dress4u

What is Dress4u? By many computer experts, Dress4u is categorized as an adware application. Like many other similar programs, Dress4u promises the users to improve their browsing, however its real goal is to increase traffic and thus the ratings of the third parties’ pages. To do that, the software will flood your browsers (Google Chrome, [...]

Remove CoolPic

What is CoolPic? While at first glance CoolPic looks very promising, in reality it is just another adware program. This browser extension claims to provide users with the ability to edit pictures and various images. However, these promises are just a trick used to induce users to download the software. If this adware enters your [...]

Ads by Name Removal

What is ‘Ads by Name’? If you are one of the users who constantly see advertisements labeled as ‘Name Ads’, ‘Ads by Name’, or ‘Name Deals’, it means that your computer was infiltrated by an intrusive adware application called Ads by Name. This program secretly enters your PC and starts suspicious activities. Users usually realize [...]