Latest Virus Removal Guides

Remove DealsFactor

What is DealsFactor? DealsFactor is an ad-supported program that will fill your browsers with ads, pop-ups and banners. The application will not improve your online browsing experience as it is suggested in its promotion. The main purpose of DealsFactor is not that at all. It was created in order to generate web traffic and that [...]

Remove SmarterPower

What is SmarterPower? SmarterPower is an adware application that displays various interstitial, video, audio, pop-up and other types of ads in your browsers. The program was developed by SuperWeb LLC, a company infamous for potentially unwanted applications. It is very likely that the application infiltrated your computer using a method called bundling.

Remove Ads by Cinemax

What is Ads by Cinemax? If you see Ads by Cinemax in your browsers, you most probably have recently installed a program called Cinemax. Cinemax, also known as CinemaxMe, is an ad-supported application created by Naruto Source. The program is very similar to other adware like PicRec, SmartWeb, PremierOpinion and so on. It is supposed [...]

Remove Nana10

What is Nana10? Nana10 is a program classified as a potentially unwanted application, however, it also expresses features of adware and browser hijackers. The unwanted toolbar belongs to the Conduit family. Conduit is known for many potentially unwanted programs. Nana10 is very similar to Appbario Toolbar, Bitlord Toolbar, Freecorder Toolbar and others Conduit software.


What is is a browser hijacker that is distributed via bundled downloads of freeware and shareware applications. It modifies your browser settings without your permission by changing your home page, new tab page and default search engine. The program is not beneficial in any way and actually exposes you to unsafe content.

Remove SaferSurf Ads

What is SaferSurf Ads? If you see SaferSurf Ads in your browser, it means that your computer is infected with an adware application. SaferSurf is an ad-supported program that belongs to the Lyrics family. It usually comes bundled with freeware and shareware. Although it is not a malicious program, there are certain online security issues [...]