Latest Virus Removal Guides – How to remove? Removal Tips is known to be a browser hijacker. This threat is not only very annoying but also harmful. It has been observed that the first thing will do is to change your homepage and search engine. Of course, it will do that without your permission. After doing that, it will present [...] – How to remove? Removal Tips is a search engine powered by It has been found that is promoted by some freeware, which means that when installing certain programs, you may be asked to change the home page of your browser.

Remove Removal Instructions is nothing but an irritating browser hijacker that will infect all of your favorite Internet browsers. In other words, you will no longer be able to use your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome without being interrupted by a questionable advert. The hijacker performs many unwanted changes, for example, your [...]

Remove DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker Removal Tips DNS Unlocker is an advertising-supported application that can flood you with various commercials. It is promoted as a useful tool that will help you unblock sites that are restricted by your Internet provider or the government. Most adware is promoted as something helpful, however, that does not mean that its main [...]

Remove Online Video Promoter

Online Video Promoter Removal Guide Online Video Promoter, also known as Media Player or WinPL.exe, is a potentially unwanted application that is published by eLink Industry, Inc. The software gets distributed with the help of fake ads and unreliable installers. You may also be offered to download the program after you click on a corrupted [...]

Remove AutoPcBackup Toolbar

AutoPcBackup Toolbar Removal Tips AutoPcBackup Toolbar is another creation of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. which is categorized as a potentially undesirable application. From the moment it enters your computer, the program starts various suspicious activities. It will change your home page and default search engine in all your favorite browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and [...]