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What is is an unreliable webpage that allows you to watch various sports broadcasts. The site is also used to distribute SportTV program that is classified as adware. If you have recently downloaded software from this webpage or simply visited it, you may notice various pop-ups, ads and banners starting to appear in [...]

Remove Ads by PriceLess

What is Ads by PriceLess? If you see Ads by PriceLess in your browsers, it means that your computer has an adware application on it. PriceLess is an ad-supported program that displays various advertisements on your screen. It is promoted as a tool that will help you save money while shopping online by providing you [...]


What is, also known as Guardbox, is a browser hijacker that can take over your browser and modify its settings. It is usually distributed via custom installers that offer computer users potentially unwanted programs during the installation of freeware. causes various unwanted changes in your browsers and installs additional software without your [...]

Webssearches Removal

What is Webssearches? Webssearches, also known as, is a browser hijacker that belongs to Qvo6 family. It was developed by EMG Technology Limited and has been associated with, which is yet another hijacker. Webssearches may look like a legitimate search engine, however, that is not the case. It enters your system and modifies [...]

Remove TranslationBuddy Toolbar

Guide on TranslationBuddy Toolbar Removal If or tools have replaced your home page and default search provider, it means that there is potentially unwanted program in your system. If you just have downloaded TranslationBuddy Toolbar from its official page, your browser may now be hijacked. The hijacker modifies your browser settings without [...]


What is is a browser hijacker which enters your browsers and modifies their settings without your permission. It changes your home page and search engine. Usually comes bundled with free software. If you do not pay attention during its installation, it is very likely that you end up with a potentially unwanted [...]