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How to remove Fanatical Assistant

What can be said about this browser add-on Fanatical Assistant is your ordinary questionable browser add-on to adjoin to the already long list of similar threats. Users generally get invaded when they carelessly install free programs, and what they do is they hijack browsers and modify their settings. Expect to get redirected to strange sites [...]

How to remove

About this threat in short is seen as a browser hijacker that may install without your consent. A lot of users may be lost when they bump into the redirect virus installed, as they don’t realize they themselves accidentally set it up. Attempt to remember whether you have recently installed some type of a free [...] Removal

About this contamination If redirects are bothering you, you may have an adware installed on your device. The reason you have an adware is possibly because you did not pay enough attention when you were installing a freeware. Not all users will be familiar with adware symptoms, so they could be baffled about what is going [...]


About this threat is a hijacker not classified as a critical threat. Many users may be lost when they notice the hijacker installed, as they do not realize they themselves accidentally installed it. It spreads using program bundles so if it is on your computer, you didn’t notice it being attached when you set [...]

Ways to remove

What is a hijacker will perform modifications to your browser which is why it is thought to be a hijacker. You must have installed some type of free program recently, and it probably had the hijacker attached to it. If you wish to prevent these types of frustrating infections, be careful about what kind [...]

Ways to remove

About this infection is classified as a reroute virus that might install without your consent. Installation usually happens by chance and often users do not even know how it happened. The most frequent way hijackers travel is using a free application packages. It will not directly harm your PC as it’s not thought to be [...]