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What is is a browser hijacker which enters your browsers and modifies their settings without your permission. It changes your home page and search engine. Usually comes bundled with free software. If you do not pay attention during its installation, it is very likely that you end up with a potentially unwanted [...]

Search Module Removal

Whats is Search Module? Search Module is a browser hijacker that comes bundled with freeware installers. It has been known to travel with such potentially unwanted applications as YoutubeDownloader, Tuvaro Toolbar, iWebar and others. The program replaces your home page and default search engine without your permission. It has also been associated with adware helpers [...]

Neurowise Ads Removal

Why do I see Neurowise ads? The reason you see Neurowise ads in your browsers is because your computer has been infected with an ad-supported application. Neurowise is an adware program that belongs to SuperWeb LLC, a company responsible for a number of adware programs like Fortunitas, SaveOn, Mossnet, Surftastic, FourFinders and many more.

Remove iToolBox

What is iToolBox? iToolBox is a browser extension that is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It is promoted as a search enhancer that can speed up your surfing by providing you with “the best topic of the day based on your search preferences”. The program has an official website where [...]


What is is fake pop-up ad that appears in your browsers if your PC is infected with a potentially unwanted program or adware. Whatever you see written in that ad is completely untrue. The advert may claim that your system is infected with malware and that you need to call a tech support [...]

Remove Ads by Klip Pal

What is Ads by Klip Pal? Klip Pal is an adware program that fills your browsers with commercials labeled ‘Ads by Klip Pal’. It was created by SuperWeb LLC which is responsible for a variety of ad-supported applications such as HypeNet, Make Mark, Raving Reyven, SaveOn and many more. The program has an official website, [...]