Latest Virus Removal Guides


What is By the computer experts, application is categorized as a browser hijacker. It usually infiltrates user’s computer unnoticed by the user and immediately starts unauthorized activities. The users usually realize that their system is infected, when they notice the changed browsers’ settings. If your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox home [...]

Remove Windows Secure Surfer

Windows Secure Surfer Removal Guide Windows Secure Surfer is a rogue anti-spyware application that you should not trust under any circumstances. The malicious software will try to convince you that your computer is severely infected and that you need to purchase the proposed anti-virus in order to clean it right away.

Remove Omniboxes Virus

Omniboxes Virus Removal Instructions Omniboxes virus is not an actual computer virus, however it still is quite a dangerous application. It is classified as a browser hijacker and you should take this infection seriously. If you see that your home page and default search engine is changed to, it is a clear indication that [...]

Remove SaveSys

SaveSys Removal Guide SaveSys is a Brazilian adware application. It does not have an official website where it could be downloaded which means that the program gets distributed with the help of freeware and shareware bundles. It may get installed together with other ad-supported applications, so you should not be surprised to find more unwanted [...]

Remove Removal Tips is a browser hijacker that belongs a potentially unwanted application called LookSafe. This program, often classified as adware, was developed by LookSafe LLC. The hijacker that comes as a part of the software constantly redirects you to which is supposed to be a search engine.

Remove TeslaCrypt Ransomware

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Removal Instructions TeslaCrypt Ransomware is a malignant infection so similar to CryptoLocker that sometimes it is even referred to as CryptoLocker-v3. Bearing this mind, it should not be surprising that its goal is to steal your money. To accomplish this, the software encrypts your files with RSA-2048 key and demands payment for the [...]