Latest Virus Removal Guides

How to Remove Homeland Security Virus

What is Homeland Security Virus? Homeland Security Virus is classified as ransomware as its main goal is to extort money from the computer user. The Virus was developed by the Trojan Urausy and has many similar versions such as FBI Virus, European Law Enforcement Agency Virus, FBI Cybercrime Division Virus and many more. If your [...]

Remove Exerunner (Exerunner Removal)

What is Exerunner? If you notice that your computer is running Exerunner application there is a high time to think how this application has to be removed. Despite the fact that Exerunner is said to improve your browsing activities, you should keep in mind that this additional and potentially unwanted application can not only enter [...]


What is is a browser hijacker which is compatible with all browsers. is similar to other browser hijackers as its main aim is to disturb your Internet surfing. The browser hjacker will modify your browser settings without your agreement and replace your homepage as well as the default search engine. Although [...]

Remove Ads by SelectNGo

What is Ads by SelectNGo? Ads by SelectNGo are various annoying and potentially dangerous popping up advertisements provided by SelectNGo adware infection. Regardless to the fact that these advertisements may seem connected with diverse coupons, special offers and discounts, you have to stay away from any notifications provided by this potentially unwanted application. Most probably [...]

Remove Discount Dragon

What is Discount Dragon? Discount Dragon is a browser plugin which can also be classified as adware as it has many of the features associated with it. If you shop online a lot you may have noticed various plugins that are very similar to Discount Dragon. Such programs as Deal Boat, SavingsAddon, Supreme Savings, etc. [...]


What is If you notice that instead of your preferred and default home page you are displayed with a, it means that your computer is infected by browser hijacker. browser hijacker is mainly generated to support and promote the traffic of some commercial websites. However, this feature is not to so harmful [...]