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What is is an adware program that may cause you all sorts of disturbance. It was developed by Ybrant Digital. Like many other similar adware programs it will provide you with endless advertisements of all kinds and even redirect you to the pages that promotes. Having adware on your computer is never a good thing. If you want to ensure your computer’s safety and browse the Web without constant interruptions you need to remove as soon as you can.

How does work? is an adware program that is compatible with all popular browsers. It uses cookies in order to collect information about your Internet activity. In other words, it will record your browsing history, made searches and other personal data that you may wish to keep private. The reason collects that information is to supply you with unnecessary ads, pop-ups, banners and sponsored links that may appear useful at first but will turn out to be nothing but a scam. We do not recommend clicking on those links as they may also lead you to corrupted websites that can severely damage your computer.

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Unfortunately, interruptions do not stop there. It has been noted that prompts you with fake messages that claim that your system speed is low and to better it you need to download a specific program. None of the messages are true and you should not follow any instructions provided in them.

In order to avoid programs similar to you should be very careful when downloading freeware from the Internet. The free software may come with all sorts of unwanted applications therefore you should always choose Custom Installation and check only those programs that you are familiar with.

How to delete

If you want to uninstall and all that comes with it you can do that by downloading a powerful anti-malware tool. We recommend using SpyHunter. It is a malware prevention and removal tool that will help you eliminate and other threats that may be on your PC. The sooner you do that the better. SpyHunter will also protect you from future infiltrations so you can surf the Web safely and securely. Please note that after SpyHunter scans your system and terminates the adware, you should also remove it from your browsers. Instructions on how to do it are provided below. removal

Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tools
2. Select Internet Options
3. Open Advanced tab
4. Click on Reset
5. Choose Delete personal settings
6. Click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on Help
2. Go to Troubleshooting information
3. Click Reset Firefox a couple of times
4. Click on Finish

Google Chrome

1. Press Alt and F
2. Click on Settings
3. In Users section click on Delete this user

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