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What is Arma dei Carabinieri virus?

All the Italians and those people who have Italian IP address should be very careful because their computers might be in high risk of getting Arma dei Carabinieri virus infection. This virus can be categorized as very sneaky ransomware that once installed, blocks your computer’s screen and prevents you from working with your computer in a normal mode. The common sign of any ransomware is that instead of your normal desktop, you will be displayed with a huge alert message that you have committed an illegal action and now, if you want to unlock your computer you have to pay a fine of 100 euros. However, you shouldn’t trust any of similar notifications because Arma dei Carabinieri virus doesn’t belong to any legal institution and none of them could block your computer and demand to pay the fine in such way. Don’t be fooled by cyber criminals and better start Arma dei Carabinieri removal process.

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In what ways Arma dei Carabinieri virus can reach your computer?

You should know that Arma dei Carabinieri virus can reach only those computers that have some vulnerabilities in their security system and are not protected with the latest version of reliable anti virus program. In general, Arma dei Carabinieri virus can be distributed by a Trojan. Once, the Trojan ( in this case Trojan.lockscreen) reaches your computer, it installs Arma dei Carabinieri virus. So, one of the greatest possibilities for Arma dei Carabinieri virus to reach your computer is when you are not protecting it with reliable anti-malware application.

How can Arma dei Carabinieri virus affect your computer?

As soon as this sneaky ransomware enters your computer, it blocks the whole computer’s system and you cannot do much about it. After that, you may be displayed with various messages that inform you about your possible illegal activities. The false messages may look like that:

‘ATTENZIONE! Il Suo computer personale è stato bloccato per motive di sicurezza per le seguenti ragioni.
La multa deve essere pagata da Lei entro 48 ore dopo la violazione. Una volt ache le 48 ore sono trascorse, per ulterior 48 ore saranno raccolte automaticamente le informazioni complete su di Lei, e Lei te sará perseguito.(…)
La dimensione della Sua multa è 100€. La multa si può pagare con l’aiuto dei voucher PaySafeCard oppure Ukash.’

However, don’t trust in such fake alerts and don’t pay any fines because you are just another victim of this malicious ransomware. If you obey to pay the fine, you will not only give internet scams a chance to earn some additional money but also reveal your personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords and another important details. Such information may be used for malicious purposes and very soon, besides a sneaky ransomware that has infected your computer, you will also have empty bank accounts. Most probably now you understand how important it is to delete Arma dei Carabinieri virus from your computer as soon as possible.

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How to remove Arma dei Carabinieri virus?

As you can already see, Arma dei Carabinieri virus is a very dangerous ransomware, that’s why it is not very easy to remove it form your computer. However, if you want to enjoy a safe work with your computer again, you have to follow our directions.

  • First of all, you should know that because your computer is blocked and you can’t perform any tasks, you will need another machine.
  • Once, you take another machine, download a reliable anti-malware application SpyHunter and put in into USB drive or CD.
  • At the same time, you have to restart your infected computer in Safe Mode with command prompt.
  • Once your infected computer is restarted, stick USB drive or CD in it.
  • Restart your computer once again.
  • Finally, with a help of SpyHunter perform a full system scan.

If these directions don’t help you to get rid of Arma dei Carabinieri virus, you can try another instructions.

  • Firstly, restart your computer in Safe Mode with command prompt.
  • After that you should run Regedit and replace all blank or other type of WinLogon Entries into explorer.exe.
  • Now, delete all the registry keys that are connected with this malicious program.
  • Restart your computer once again and then perform a full system scan with SpyHunter.

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