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Browser Hijacker

What is is a search engine that is classified as a browser hijacker. At first glance, it looks like a simple search engine because it has a search box in the middle, and it returns search results after a user enters something into the search box. Unfortunately, it is only an illusion that is a reliable search engine. Researchers specializing in malicious software have discovered that it is an unreliable search engine that might even cause harm to the computer. Continue reading

Remove AutoPcBackup Toolbar

Potentially Unwanted Application

AutoPcBackup Toolbar Removal Tips

AutoPcBackup Toolbar is another creation of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. which is categorized as a potentially undesirable application. From the moment it enters your computer, the program starts various suspicious activities. It will change your home page and default search engine in all your favorite browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) and you will not be able to regain your lost settings until you delete AutoPcBackup Toolbar from your computer.

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Remove WhiteCoupon


WhiteCoupon Removal Guide

WhiteCoupon is an ad-supported application that can randomize its name. The software could appear in your installed programs list under a somewhat different name, so you should not be surprised if that happens. WhiteCoupon is based on JustPlugIt engine which makes it similar to such programs as Smartones, LionSales, SaleMaker, WowCoupon, Deal4me and others.

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Remove Sliding Coupons


Sliding Coupons Removal Tips

Sliding Coupons is an advertising supported application developed by Engaging Apps and promoted at This software is identical to Price-Slayer, Price-Horse, Price-Chomper, etc. The creators claim that it will provide you with discounts and improve your browsing experience. Unfortunately, once the program enters user’s computer, it reveals itself as an annoying and irritating adware which shows with multiple advertisements and installs extensions without permission.

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