Blockandsurf Removal


What is Blockandsurf?

Blockandsurf is an ad-supported program that is promoted as a helpful tool that you can use in order to block third-party content online. Unfortunately, usually all adware applications are advertised as something they are not. Contrary to its name, the main function of the program is to fill your browser with various advertisements. Blockandsurf is compatible with all popular web browsers and is very similar to other programs of this type such as BlockUTubeAde and TUbeltAdBlockApp.

Moreover, the ads displayed by the adware are not endorsed by it which means you could be presented with false data. We recommend to delete Blockandsurf if you do not want your computer to be exposed to unnecessary Internet security risks.

BlockAndSurf Blockandsurf Removal

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How does Blockandsurf work?

Blockandsurf usually comes bundled with freeware and shareware. Not only does it not block the third-party content like it is stated in the description of the application, it actually provides it. Once Blockandsurf gets access to your system, it displays ads, pop-ups, sponsored links, banners and other types of adverts in all of your browsers. All of this useless data will noticeably slow down your Internet connection and webpages will take longer to load. You will only be able to return your browser back to normal and eliminate all of the advertisements if you uninstall Blockandsurf. It is not possible to make these changes just via browser settings.

You should be aware of the fact that the ads brought to you by Blockandsurf may not all be trustworthy. If some adverts seem suspicious to you, you should stay away from them. Some of the advertisements may have been created by cyber criminals and clicking on them may cause a redirect to a corrupted page where you could get infected by a malicious program. As the adware does not have any beneficial features and displays unsafe content, our advice is to terminate Blockandsurf.

How to remove Blockandsurf?

Although adware programs are not malicious and do not harm your computer themselves it would still be best to remove Blockandsurf from your PC. The fastest and easiest way to do that is by downloading an anti-malware utility that will scan your PC, detect the threats and eliminate them. You will also not have to worry about your computer safety as the security tool will protect it from unwanted applications, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, etc. Alternatively, you can complete manual Blockandsurf removal. The instructions that are provided below the article will help you to get rid of Blockandsurf and return your browsers back to normal.

Blockandsurf Removal

Uninstall Blockandsurf from your system

Windows XP/Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8

1.Press the Windows key and access Control Panel
2.Select Add or remove programs/Uninstall a program
3.Choose Blockandsurf and click Remove/Uninstall

Reset your browsers

Internet Explorer

1.Click the Gear icon -> Internet Options
2.Click Reset on the Advanced tab
3.Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
4.Check Delete personal settings
5.Click Reset once again

Mozilla Firefox

1.Press Alt+H -> Troubleshooting Information
2.Click on the Reset Firefox button
3.Confirm the action and click Finish

Google Chrome

1.Click on the menu -> Settings
2.Select Show advanced settings
3.Click Reset browser settings
4.Click Reset once more.

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