BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby?

BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby is a potentially unwanted application that can install a browser extension, toolbar or add-on to your browser without your consent. The threat bypasses normal prompts that usually ask for your approval to install software. The application can affect all of your browsers as it is compatible with them all. BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby can enter your system together with other free software if you do not pay close attention to its installation process. It is important to always check the installation wizard carefully no matter what you install. As for now, you should focus on how to delete BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby from your PC.

How does BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby work?

BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby can not cause serious damage on its own, but it can cause various unwanted disturbances and expose you to online threats. The program can modify your browser settings such as your home page and default search provider. It can also redirect you to unfamiliar sites in the middle of your browsing and display different types of advertisements on your screen. All of this is done in order to generate traffic of certain webpages. That is how the creators of the software make profit.

Other actions taken by the program include adding extensions and toolbars to your browsers. The application has been known to install Contoso Toolbar which can make various modifications without your permission. Contoso Search may become your home page and default search provider. BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby can also modify your registry in order to start up every time you turn on your PC. As you can see, the application causes various unwanted changes, none of which will be useful or beneficial to you. There is no reason you should tolerate them. We suggest you eliminate BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby from your system as soon as you can.

How to remove BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby?

Usually there are two ways you can terminate a potentially unwanted application. In this case, however, manual removal may not be very effective. You can try to get rid of BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby manually, but since you most likely have more than one unwanted program on your PC, it may not be the best solution. We have provided instructions below just in case, however, we would urge you to go with automatic BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby removal instead. Download and install the anti-malware tool and let it scan your system. It will detect all possible threats and eliminate BrowserModifier:Win32/KipodToolsCby along with them. You will be able to return to safe and uninterrupted browsing as soon as the removal is complete.

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