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Tips to uninstall Bueno Search

Even if Bueno Search is not treated as malicious program, this search engine can make more harm than benefit for you and for your computer. This potentially unwanted program, in most of the cases, can be downloaded and installed together with other free files or programs that you download from the internet. Even if this program is not treated as a sneaky application, it can redirect you to illegal pages or perform some other ineligible actions. Because of this reason, we are recommending you to remove Bueno Search at the moment when you noticed that this potentially unwanted program has reached your computer.

How can Bueno Search access your computer?

Bueno Search has its own official webpage info.buenosearch.com. The tricky part about this website is that you can’t really find any Bueno Search download link. It means that this potentially unwanted application can reach your computer bundled with other programs that you download into your computer. That’s why, before downloading any program, it is essential to look over all the information that is displayed in the installation wizard. You also can’t leave out any installation step and always deselect the additional installs you don’t need.

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How can Bueno Search affect your computer?

It’s not very difficult to notice that Bueno Search has already reached your computer. First of all, instead of your usual default home page and search engine you will be served with a new buenosearch.com page. It doesn’t matter what browser you use (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) because Bueno Search can affect all the browsers. Moreover, Bueno Search can also attach additional toolbar on all of your browsers. Even if you think that Bueno Search acts as a usual search engine, you should know that this potentially unwanted program can monitor and accumulate the search results you get from your browsing activities. When the results are collected, you will be provided with huge amount of commercial advertisements connected with your search results. But don’t be very happy about that because all these annoying advertisements, that may seem to understand your needs, can redirect you to illegal webpages where you can get even more serious computer infections.

bueno Bueno Search Removal

Bueno Search collects only that information which is connected with your search results. However, if this information is collected by the third party, you can be in real danger of getting even more serious problems or even losing your personal data. So, don’t hesitate and delete Bueno Search from your computer as soon as possible.
The interesting thing about this potentially unwanted application is that the official website info.buenosearch.com provides you with directions of how you can remove it from your computer. However, if you want to uninstall Bueno Search for your computer safely and quickly, you should follow our instructions provided below.

Bueno Search removal

You shouldn’t doubt anymore and eliminate this potentially unwanted program from your computer even if it is not treated as malicious application. First of all, you can try to erase Bueno Search from your computer in a manual way.

For Windows 8:

  • After you move your mouse to the bottom right of your computer’s screen, click ‘Settings’ section.
  • Here you should choose ‘Control Panel’.
  • Now you must open ‘Uninstall a program’ .
  • Finally, eliminate Bueno Search from your computer.

For Windows XP:

  • Once you open the ‘Start menu’, you have to choose ‘Control Panel’.
  • Here you must select ‘Add or remove programs’.
  • Finally, uninstall Bueno Search.

For Windows 7 and Vista:

  • First of all, open the ‘Start menu’.
  • Now, you should move to ‘Control Panel’.
  • Here you need to click on ‘Uninstall a program’ and remove Bueno Search from your computer.

As this potentially unwanted program modifies your browser, it is very important to restore your browser settings. It was mentioned before that Bueno Search affects all the browsers that are installed into your computer, that’s why we are recommending to restore the settings of all browsers that you have.

For Internet Explorer:

  • First, press the combination ‘Alt+X’ and then you should click on ‘Internet options’ .
  • Now click on ‘Use Default’ (under ‘General tab’) and click ‘OK’.
  • You need to press the combination ‘Alt+X’ once again.
  • After that, move to ‘Manage Add-ons’.
  • In the section ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ search for Bueno Search and remove it.
  • Now, click on ‘Search providers’ (on the left), get rid of Bueno Search and choose another default search engine.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • After you click on ‘Firefox button’, you should go to the ‘Options’.
  • Here you have to click on ‘Restore to Default’ (under the ‘General tab’).
  • Click ‘OK’.
  • Now you have to click ‘search engine icon’ and after that choose ‘Manage search engines’.Search for Bueno Search in the list and then delete it.
  • Click ‘OK’ and then press a combination ‘Ctrl+Shift+A’.
  • Once the Add-ons manager tab is opened, remove Bueno Search from the ‘Extensions’ section.

For Google Chrome:

  • Firstly, press ‘Alt+F’ and then click on ‘Tools’ section.
  • When you are in the ‘Extensions’ section, remove this potentially unwanted application.
  • Now click on ‘Settings’ (on the left side) and after that you have to mark ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’.
  • Change your homepage address by clicking ‘Set pages’.
  • Under the Search section, choose ‘Manage search engines’.
  • Terminate Bueno Search and select a new search engine.
  • Finally, click ‘Done’.

However, sometimes it’s not enough to remove potentially unwanted programs from your computer in a manual way. That’s why we suggest you to download, install and always keep updated the latest version of reliable anti-malware application such as SpyHunter. This program will detect all the infections, quickly remove them and you will be able to enjoy safe work with your computer once again.

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