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Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

By many computer experts, is classified as a browser hijacker. Even tough this tool is supposed to enrich your browsing, in reality it is a highly untrustworthy intruder. The software uses suspicious traveling methods, changes browsers’ settings without permission, and has a potential to infect you with all kinds of unwanted or even malicious applications.

After a thorough analyses by our research team, we can safely say that this software is unreliable and that is in the best interests of your computer to eliminate right away.

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What does do?

Like all the other hijackers, changes user’s home page and default search engine the minute it enters a new computer. This allows the intruder to control your searches and present you with numerous unsafe links and ads. Since the application earns revenue for every click on the promoted ad or link, it makes sure to flood your search results with them. We suggest you not to click the provided links and to keep your distance from the search engine too. This software does not care about your computer’s safety and thus, nobody knows who owns the ads you are presented with. Since it is a well known fact that hijackers are often exploited by the malicious third parties, you should assume that at least some of the links are dangerous. Do not risk the safety of your PC and terminate

Another reason to look at the hijacker with suspicion is the tracking it performs. From the first moment it infiltrates your system, the software follows your online activities and personalizes the ads afterwards. Such policy increases the possibility that the customized ads will be chosen, however it also reveals your data to the suspicious third parties. For as long as this intruder is in your PC almost anyone can access your information. If that is not something you are comfortable with, remove

This hijacker probably slithered into your PC during your latest free of charge software installation. This scenario is especially likely, if you use,, or other similar pages. Next time pay more attention to installation procedure and prevent this type of software from entering your computer again. If you notice additional programs, deselect them.

How to remove

Since the existence of this hijacker in your PC shows that you do not have a reputable computer security software or that it is outdated, we advise to use this opportunity to purchase one. A trustworthy and powerful anti-spyware will not only remove, but also will safeguard you computer in the future. Another option is to follow manual removal instructions provided below.


Windows 8

  • Tap Windows key + R.
  • Enter Control Panel.
  • Click OK.
  • Go to Uninstall a program.
  • Uninstall

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Click Start button.
  • Access Control Panel.
  • Choose Uninstall a program.
  • Terminate

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu.
  • Press Control Panel.
  • Pick Add or Remove programs.
  • Eliminate

Erase from your browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Click the Gear icon and choose Internet Options.
  • Overwrite your home page in the General tab.
  • Press the Gear icon one more time and open Manage Add-ons.
  • Move to Toolbars and Extensions and delete/change unwanted add-ons.
  • In Search Providers, overwrite your search tool.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the menu and select Options.
  • Go to General tab and replace your current home page with a new one.
  • Choose Search tab and change/remove your search provider.
  • Tap the menu again and access Add-ons.
  • Remove unwanted extensions.

Google Chrome

  • Press the menu icon and open Settings.
  • Choose Set pages and overwrite your home page.
  • Under Search, tap Manage search engine.
  • Choose/delete a search provider.
  • Access Extensions and remove useless add-ons.

Download Removal Toolto remove

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