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What is is a browser hijacker which can easily replace your default home page and search provider. Despite the fact that the new search engine provided by may look quite reliable you shouldn’t be mislead about the credibility of this application. For the most part, is advertised as a useful search provider which should not only help you to improve your browsing activities but also find your favorite videos, hear about the current news and do some other activities way more efficiently than with your default search provider. However, you have to know that in reality acts just like all the other browser hijackers (such as It means that this browser hijacker may not only display unreliable search results but also monitor your searching and browsing activities.

We guess that you don’t want to encounter with these side effects provided by some intrusive application. Because of this reason we are recommending you to delete straightaway.

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How can enter your computer? may infiltrate your computer as soon as you unintentionally download and install this browser hijacker with some freeware or shareware file or any other application found on the internet. In most often cases can be distributed along with various creators for PDF files, music or video players and any other similar programs. Because of that reason it is extremely important to safeguard your computer with the latest version of reliable anti-virus application and stay away from any questionable files found on the cyber space. We can assure you that there is no ground to trust in any free application found on the internet. Since there is a risk to unexpectedly infect your computer with any potentially unwanted application, you have to choose only those applications which are provided in official sites. Moreover, it is very important to pay more attention to the installation procedure too. It means that you cannot only skip through the stages of installation wizard without reading the supplementary information because here you can find some additional applications which must be deselected.

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Why should you remove

Due to the fact that is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it means that you won’t be able to hide from this infection if it has already infiltrated your PC. Since you have to use a new search engine provided by, you will soon notice that search results which you get after you searching sessions are not very reliable in comparison with results that you used to get while using your default search engine. In addition to that, there is a chance that you can be continually redirected either to or some other doubtful website. Moreover, you may be stroke with lots of different popping-up notifications and advertisements which may not only disturb you to perform your browsing sessions but also be potentially harmful. However, one of the major risks provided by is that this browser hijacker can literally hijack your searching activities. At the beginning, all this accumulated information might be used only for advertising purposes however, later cyber criminals may also find away to hijack your IP address, user names, passwords or even details of your back accounts. Because of that reason you shouldn’t let this potentially dangerous application to run inside your computer anymore and eliminate right now.

How can you uninstall

You should know that if your computer is infected by any browser hijacker you cannot eliminate this intrusive application very easily. So, even if we provide you basic manual removal directions you should also perform the automatic scan in order to eliminate all malignant files that might be installed into your PC along with a browser hijacker. Because of that reason we suggest you to download and install reliable anti-malware detector such as SpyHunter and let this application to get rid of and all the other potentially harmful applications. removal (manual):

Remove from Internet Explorer

1. First of all, open the browser and then tap a combination of ‘Alt +T’.
2. After that, choose ‘Internet Options’ section and move to ‘Advanced’ tab.
3. Choose ‘Reset’ option and click on ‘Delete personal settings’.
4. Finally, hit ‘Reset’ button.

Remove from Mozilla Firefox

1. Firstly, open the browser, tap once ‘Alt +H’ and choose ‘Troubleshooting Information’.
2. After that, select ‘Reset Firefox’ and when the dialog box is opened, choose ‘Reset Firefox’ option once again.

Remove from Google Chrome

1. Open the browser and tap ‘Alt + F’.
2. Now go to the ‘Settings’ section and choose ‘Show advanced settings’.
3. After that, select ‘Reset browser settings’ and then click on ‘Reset’ option.

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