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Dsrlte.exe Removal Instructions

Dsrlte.exe is part of an advertising supported application that at some point infiltrated your computer. The process is signed by Pay-by-Ads Ltd and likely can be found in C:user%USERNAME%appdatalocalpay-by-adsyahoo! search1.3.8.2. A. Mostly it is used to update an adware and to help it display ads in all browsers.

It is suspected that the dsrlte.exe related program might have entered your computer without permission and thus it should not be trusted. We advise to find this potentially harmful application and to delete dsrlte.exe from your system.

dsrlte.exe removal tips Dsrlte.exe Removal

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What does dsrlte.exe do?

If you see advertisements that disturb your browsing, some ad-supported application probably got inside your computer. Adware programs tend to enter a new computer with a help from free of charge software. If you recently downloaded application from pages like soft32.com or download.com and now see numerous ads, it is likely that an unwanted program was bundled with the installed freeware. Users can decline entrances to these intruders by choosing Advanced or Custom installation option. However, almost everyone clicks Quick or Typical button and misses the boxes that inform about the additional software. If that happened to you, you should hurry and remove dsrlte.exe as soon as possible.

The truth is that even though advertising supported programs are not malicious, indirectly they can cause serious damage. Adware does not check the sponsored third parties nor does it monitor their pages. This leaves the user vulnerable to the attacks from cyber criminals. You can minimize the risk by staying away from the ads, however, the only way to be sure that your PC is safe is to eliminate dsrlte.exe.

One more reason for you to seriously consider dsrlte.exe removal is the tracking performed by the associated adware. You may have observed that the presented ads are personalized to your needs and thus are quite tempting. Since the application cares only about the promotion of the third parties, it uses the acquired data to induce you to click the pop-ups, banners, etc. Also, in some case, adware may sell this knowledge to the those untrustworthy parties. To stoop this careless spread of information, you need to terminate dsrlte.exe at once.

How to remove dsrlte.exe?

You may have difficulties with dsrlte.exe removal, because you will need to find the related adware. If you managed to correctly identify the application, you should follow our instructions on how to erase dsrlte.exe. You can also install an authentic anti-spyware and use it to remove dsrlte.exe from your PC automatically.

Delete dsrlte.exe

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Click Start and open Control Panel.
  • Select Uninstall a program and uninstall dsrlte.exe.

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu in order to access Control Panel.
  • Choose Add or Remove programs and remove unwanted application.

Windows 8

  • Press Windows key + R and type in Control Panel.
  • Click OK and choose Uninstall a program.
  • Uninstall dsrlte.exe (the associated program) from your PC.

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