FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus


Don’t Be Deceived By the FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus

Beware computer users, the FBI Cybercrime Division Virus is scamming people into giving up $300 of their money for nothing. FBI CYBERCRIME DIVISION  is a computer virus from Trojan:W32/Reveton family, which will display a fake notification, that pretends to be from the real and trusted source like International Cyber Security Protection Alliance.

What is this virus?

When acquired, the FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus, lies dormant for about five minutes. Then it locks your computer and tells you that the FBI has done this for illegal downloading, and that you need to pay a $300 fine to unlock your computer. Some people have, in a panic, actually sent the money. Does this message have anything to do with the real authorities? Should you send them your money?

First of all, this virus is silly. The FBI will not remotely lock your computer and ask for a ransom if they catch you breaking the law. They will come to your house to confiscate the machine to examine it, and take you into custody. Any fines will be determined by a legitimate court of law. The FBI Cybercrime Division Virus is scam designed to fool you into thinking an actually agency caught you breaking the law, and is taking your money to compensate. To fool you, the virus may hijack your webcam and use it to show you the inside of your room, but it is all just part of the scam.

fbi cybercrime division FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus

Fake message shown in FBI Cybercrime Division (PC blocked) MoneyPak virus:

Whatever you do, don’t pay the fine! The FBI Cybercrime Division Virus is a scam. There is no reason to believe the culprits responsible will unlock your computer as promised, even if you pay the fine. So follow the instructions bellow to complete the removal process. Hopefully, the real FBI will take care of the perpetrators of this virus. In the meantime, be sure not to do anything illegal on the Internet, so that you never find out how the real FBI Cybercrime Division handles matters.

How to Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus using Flash drive?

1. Download SpyHunter or other reputable anti-malware program to your USB
2. Update the software
3. In the meanwhile, reboot your infected machine to Safe Mode with command prompt and stick USB drive in it.
4. Reboot computer infected with Cybercrime Division Virus once more and run a full system scan.

 How to Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus using Safe Mode?

removal instructions en FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus


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  1. janalee klovos

    I have this virus and going to safe with networking is not working, it looks it is and then it wants me to put in my password and as soon as I do it goes right back to that web page. Luckily I have a new lap top which is windows 8 which totally SUCKS. Anyone know how to get pass this problem?

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