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What is Freesofttoday?

You shouldn’t be fooled about the positive qualities that Freesofttoday application may provide to you. Despite the fact that this program is said to help the users to access the preferable applications at easier and it comes at no charge but it takes its own price in other ways. It means that this application will disturb you with various advertisements and notifications and cause you some other disadvantages. The tricky part of this application is that it can be downloadable from the official website or bundled together with other free applications. So, the question about the credibility of this application still remains unclear. However, if you think that this application can bring you more damage than benefit it is better to remove freesofttoday as soon as possible.

How can freesofttoday reach your computer?

Earlier the freesofttoday application could have been downloaded from the official website However, at this moment the webpage does not exist anymore and is changed into Moreover, if we take into consideration the fact that the spread of freesofttoday adware is still in on high we have to think about the other ways in which this application can enter your computer. You have to know that in most often cases freesofttoday enters your computer at the moment when you install any freeware or shareware file.

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Keep in mind most of the applications that you can download for free may be infected. Because of this reason it is recommended to download and install only genuine applications and pay more attention to the entire installation process. Be aware that the additional applications can be deselected, so, there is no reason to hurry up about finishing the installation process as soon as possible. Besides to your attentiveness, you should also choose the Advanced or Custom installation option.

How does freesofttoday perform?

As most of the adwares, freesofttoday enters your computer illegally and very secretly. However, the existence and the main symptoms of this infection are very obvious. You will surely notice that you browsing activities are different than before because you will be continually redirected to other websites and flooded by a huge amount of diverse pop-ups and other notifications. Be aware that no matter if all those advertisements look very appealing and reliable you have to avoid clicking on them. The main reason why you should avoid any information provided by this adware is that freesofttoday is not responsible for the content of those various notifications at all. The main purpose of freesofttoday is just simply to infect your computer’s system and then let cyber criminals to bring into your computer even more serious infections. If that’s not enough you should also keep in mind that freesofttoday has a full right to supervise your searching activities and browsing sessions. After that, the accumulated information is transferred to cyber criminals who intentionally generate more advertisements that correspond to your searching activities. Besides that, you may never know when cyber criminals will invent another way to reach your personal information. So, there can’t be any doubts that you should eliminate freesofttoday as soon as possible.

Freesofttoday removal directions

Once you are determined to delete this annoying adware from your computer’s system you have to follow our instructions written below.

First of all, you must delete freesofttoday from your computer manually:

• When the ‘Start’ menu is opened, choose ‘Control Panel’ option.
• After that, select ‘Programs’ (or) ‘Add/Remove Programs’.
• Now select ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.
• Once displayed with a list of programs, search for freesofttoday (or another unwanted applications).
• Remove all unnecessary applications by selecting them and clicking ‘Uninstall/Change’ option.
• In order to save the changes you have to click on ‘OK’.

Another manual removal step is fixing your browsers. Due to the fact that freesofttoday can act on all the browsers it is counseled to reset all of them.

Uninstall Freesofttoday from browsers:

Internet Explorer

• After you open ‘Internet Explorer’, move to the ‘Tools’ section.
• Now you must choose ‘Manage Add-ons’ and then navigate to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
• Here you should look for all suspicious extensions and remove them.
• After that, it is essential to move to the ‘Tools’ section and select ‘Manage addons’.
• Now click on ‘Search Providers’ where you have to change back your default search engine.

Mozilla Firefox

• Firstly, open the browser.
• After that, move to the ‘Tools’ section and then select ‘Add-ons’.
• Now click on ‘Extensions’ (here you should look for all unwanted extensions and click ‘Uninstall’ option to remove them).
• After that, navigate to the ‘Tools’ section again and choose ‘Options’ (here you have to change the existing start page).

Google Chrome

• Open Google Chrome browser and then you must click on Chrome menu button.
• After that, choose ‘Tools’ section and then move to ‘Extensions’.
• In the section of Extensions you have to search for all unwanted extensions (especially freesofttoday) and eliminate them by clicking on recycle bin option.
• Now click on the wench icon (at the top right corner) and select ‘Manage search engines’.
• Here you have to change your search engine into default (for example, Google).

When the manual removal stages are implemented you have to scan your computer’s system to find out whether there aren’t any remaining malignant files. The scan can be successfully managed with a help of reliable anti virus tool such as SpyHunter. Keep in mind that this application will completely delete all malicious files that are interrelated with freesofttoday and protect it from any other infections.

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