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What is FriendsChecker?

An application FriendsChecker is closely interrelated with one of the most favorite social networking website Facebook and is said to help you satisfy your curiosity on following your friends at Facebook. At the beginning FriendsChecker may seem to be quite relevant, especially if you are really interested in tracking which friend has added or removed another person from the friend’s list. However, you should also be informed that this free application in most often cases is distributed by possibly malicious third party.

Because of this reason, instead of enjoying the latest news about friendship stories on Facebook you may have to think of how you should get rid of this annoying application that may cause you some serious computer problems. So, better track your friends at the official Facebook website and remove FriendsChecker application right now.

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In what ways can FriendsChecker reach your computer?

Despite the fact that FriendsChecker has an official website this page is not working. However, considering the fact that the spread of this application is on high it is possible to suspect that FriendsChecker can also reach your computer bundled with other free programs. So, if you want to safeguard your computer, you must select and download only those applications that are reliable and won’t harm your computer’s system. Besides that, you should take your time while performing the installation procedure of any downloaded program. First of all, it is recommended to chose only Advanced or Custom installation. Moreover, instead of pressing the ‘Next’ button you should pay more attention to the main installation process and deselect the unwanted applications that would infect your computer.

How does FriendsChecker work?

Most probably you have noticed that this application can really track the friendship history on Facebook and provide you notifications if someone of your friends has decided to eliminate you from the friend’s list. However, you should know that before managing this action, FriendsChecker application had to find out such details as your name and surname, age and gender. Furthermore, maybe you don’t even suspect but this application is constantly performing some secret activities as well. You have to know that FriendsChecker is compatible with most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) so, no matter which one of them you prefer to use you will be constantly disturbed by multitude of various advertisements and notifications.

friends FriendsChecker Removal

In addition to various annoying pop-ups you can also be redirected to other webpages that might have some serious infections inside. So, as you can see FriendsChecker application is dedicated more to infect you computer rather than help you to track your Facebook friends. Because of this reason we recommend you to uninstall FriendsChecker right now and obviate some serious problems that this application may cause.

How to delete FriendsChecker from your computer?

The removal process of this irritating and potentially harmful application can be composed of two main parts. At the beginning FriendsChecker application should be eliminated from your computer in a manual way:

Windows XP

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu (by clicking once on the ‘Start’ button on the left bottom corner of the screen).
2. After that, navigate to ‘Control Panel’.
3. Now choose ‘Add/Remove programs’ section and eliminate the unwanted application (FriendsChecker).

Windows Vista and 7:

1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and then select ‘Control Panel’.
2. After that, click on ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
3. Finally, remove the unnecessary application (FriendsChecker).

Windows 8:

1. First of all, navigate with your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.
2. After that, click on ‘Settings’ option (when the Charm bar appears).
3. Now move to ‘Control Panel’.
4. Click on ‘Uninstall a program’ and delete unneeded application (FriendsChecker).

After you manage the manual FriendsChecker removal steps it is important to download reliable anti-spyware tool such as SpyHunter that will help you to run a full system scan. You have to know that without a full scan of your system you couldn’t be sure that you have completely removed all the files of FriendsChecker application. Besides that, if you always keep SpyHunter updated, you won’t have any problems considered with your computer’s security system anymore.

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