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How To Remove The Google Redirect Virus From Your Computer

In the present days our computer activity is exposed to many types of malware and virus and among them Google Redirect Virus has become one of the most irksome. This is a malware program that gets installed onto your computer without your knowledge and it acts by redirecting all your Google searches to malicious websites instead of taking you to the intended websites. Due to this action of taking you to unwanted and potentially dangerous websites without your knowledge this called as browser hijack virus or search engine redirect virus. This is infecting hundreds of computer systems every day and it is very hard to remove Google redirect virus from your system once you have it on your system.

The Google Redirect Virus is cleverly built with TLD3 or Alueron Root kits that change your computer settings in such a way that you are taken to a website that looks similar to Google. When you make a search the search results page contains links to a list of malicious websites and on clicking a search result you is taken to the malicious website and thus you are prevented from using the services of the search engine you want to use. Besides this you are also exposed to the dangers of visiting a malicious website. The Google redirect removal is not easy and requires concentrated effort on your part to get rid of this annoying and dangerous malware from your computer.

This type of virus is spread mainly to get free traffic to the websites of the malware builders and to spread their malicious codes in an easy way.  The Google Redirect Virus comes to your computer when you go for some of the freebies on the web like key gens, torrent download or free videos and music from the Internet. While downloading these you get this virus bundled with the material you download and are built in such a way that they can install themselves in your computer and act on their own. Once you come to know that you have this virus in your system you have to take immediate steps to remove Google redirect virus as it can severely affect your ability to use almost all the search engines like Google, Bingo, Yahoo etc.

To remove the Google redirect virus you have to adopt various approaches and there is not one single Google Redirect Virus removal method to remove Google redirect from your computer system. You can do the removal either by using the Automatic removal or manual removal of the remove Google redirect virus. To remove the Google redirect virus some of the specially developed spyware removal programs like Spy hunter can be used. This checks all the settings on your computer and gets the Google Redirect Virus removed from your system.

The process you have to undergo to remove Google redirect by using some of the specially built malware detection tools is easy and as they do a thorough job you can get completely cured of the Google redirect virus. The method you have to follow is very simple and when you use a good and tested tool like Spyhunter  to remove Google redirect virus, it checks the DNS settings, your home page settings, and checks all the Host file entry on the Registry. It tracks all the changes that have been done by this virus in your system settings and restores them to their original values.

Once the spyware tool has detected and removed all the infected files you have to use the TDSSkiller from Kaspersky Labs that searches the drivers in your computer to complete the process to remove Google redirect virus by detecting and deleting the hidden root kits that power the virus. After this you restart your computer and you will be happy to have completely removed the Google redirect virus from your computer system.

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