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What is Homeland Security Virus

Homeland Security Virus is a Ransomware that is designed by cyber hackers to block your computer and pretends to be from Homeland Security Nation Cyber Security Division. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Virus is a Ransomware that is designed by cyber criminals to block your computer and pretends to be from Homeland Security Nation Cyber Security Division

Computer users around the world should be extra cautious about browsing the Internet because it is a powerful system which enables cyber criminals to fulfill their objections. This time I refer to Homeland Security Virus which is produced to compromise as many computers as possible. So far, the leading computer threats are The Trojan Reveton, Urausy, Gimemo and Raxm. The latter is not that as active as the others; however, in case of an encounter with any of the Trojan horse mentioned, close attention to the situation should be given.

Homeland Security Virus Fake Message

The message displayed by the Homeland Security Viruscan be localized depending on the user’s location, with text written in the appropriate language:

Homeland Security Virus just like any other computer infection, can get to a computer in various ways. Spam emails, insecure websites, bundled files and other methods enabling an attacker to get access to a targeted computer can be used. Once Homeland Security Virus, gets to the system, it locks the system, injects malicious codes to the most important processes and displays a warning covering the whole screen. Normally, the warning has a heading presenting a law enforcement agency.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

A very popular institution which is commonly found in ransomware scams is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security  according to which the interface is dubbed FBI Virus. However, in addition to FBI, you can also come across other American institutions dealing with cyber crime or justice. Accordingly, the interfaces associated with the same malware classification are referred to as ICE The ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus, United States Cyber Security Virus, FBI Cybercrime Division Virus and so on.

Homeland Security Virus Screenshot

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Virus Homeland Security Virus Removal

Due to the fact that the vast majority of the interfaces generated by the ransomware Trojans present the police of the country in which the infection is spread, the same Homeland Security Virus may be called Police Virus. An important thing is that you should not regard these infections as initiated or developed by the authoritative institution presented in the warning. Cyber criminals select any institution which they probably expect to cause fear and make the user act according to the instructions given in the bogus notification.

Danger of  Homeland Security Virus

If your computer has ever been infected with Homeland Security Virus or the so-called Police Virus, you already know that it seeks to make you believe that you are charged with some illegal activities. Depending on the Trojan and its variation, you may be charged with the use of pornography or copyrighted material, not to mention those instances when you find a warning claiming that you are also allegedly believed to be involved is the spread of spam or a specific ideology. In order to remove the warning as well as make the police or another institution withdraw the charges, you are supposed to pay a fine which may vary from 100 to 400 American dollars.

The most popular money transaction services found in the ransomware messages are Ukash and Paysafecard although some instances with MoneyPak are also present. In order to use the service, one has to buy a voucher and enter its PIN code into an appropriate box. If you do not want to lose your money, do not pay the charge as the computer will not necessarily be unlocked. Instead, you should remove that FBI Virus using a reliable spyware removal tool.

Homeland Security Virus Removal

Automatic removal is the best option because of its simplicity. All that you need to do is install a reliable spyware removal like Spyhunter which can fully terminate the infection and then protect the PC.

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5 thoughts on “Homeland Security Virus Removal

  1. Cathy Steele

    My friend got this on his computer last night. I try to tell him he had a virus or was hacked, but he ran out to the store & got the money pack for $300.00 last night. I again tried to tell him this morning, but he just doesn’t get it.

    Now he doesn’t know what to do. I would of taken that $300.00 & gave it to me. He has an old computer. Any suggestions on what he should do now?

  2. Jcdew67

    Tell him to boot up in safe mode with Networking(hit F8 key on boot I think) and install a anti-virus program like Avast,AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials(all are free). Then run a scan. Tell him to give you the $300 and fix it for him.lol

    I just cleaned a system out that had this virus and installed Microsoft Security Essentials and made $60,300 would have been much better. lol

  3. Pennyr

    Yes start by hitting F8 and follow the directions. My husband has an older computer but if you do a search under Homeland security computer has been blocked you will find several easy directions and free software to stop this from happening again.

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