How to Protect Your Computer from Malware

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Nowadays, when it is so easy to get infected with malware, adware or some other kind of unwanted software, users should really learn to take better care of their computers’ security. It is especially important to households with children, because they usually spend a lot of time in front of PC. However, you should also considered the fact that today hackers can reach not only your computer, but also your mobile device. Since your phone doubtlessly has already been changed to mini-computer you use everyday, you must think about all the ways it can be infiltrated. Whether you open a spam email, download suspicious app, or click the eye catching ad, you always must be conscious of the fact that you can get infected with all kinds of malicious software.

Protect How to Protect Your Computer from Malware

Fortunately, if you coordinate safe browsing with a trustworthy protection program, you should be able to keep your system safe. Here are few simple, but effective advices which you can follow in order to protect your device.

  • Ensure that your home Network is safe. Check that it is protected with a strong password and that a powerful firewall safeguards all the computers you are using. Making sure that the home network is safe, helps to keep your device protected as well.
  • Do your best to avoid any kind of spam. Spam email attachments still remain one of the most popular ways to infect a system. Also, do not forget that spam is not only emails, but also ads, pop-ups, private messages, and so on. You need to be very cautious and think well before clicking anything in the unknown websites.
  • Set up parental control. This step is very important and as a parent it is your duty to ensure that your child has access only to safe information. We advise to limit Internet access in all devices used by children in order to minimize the risk of exposure. At the same time, you should also ensure that only the Administrator can install new applications.
  • Be more careful with your passwords. It is not advisable to safe your passwords in the browsers. Much more secure option is to use password manager which actually strengthens the protection of your system. If at the moment you do not have such software, we advise to install it as soon as you can.
  • Always keep your applications updated. Not only does this ensure that some false message will not trick you into clicking fake download button, but it also prevents cyber criminals from attacking the vulnerable parts of your PC. This is especially important to such applications like Adobe Flash, Java, Windows Media Player, and so on.

This article clearly shows that if you take the right steps, your system can be much safer. Do not delay any longer and do not risk your computer’s safety. Follow these advises to protect your computer right now.

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