How to remove Alpha Crypt Virus


What is Alpha Crypt?

An application with the name Alpha Crypt is classified as a ransomware that comes from a famous TesalCrypt family. This virus attacks your PC and after it encrypts your files, the software demands payment for the decryption. If one day you noticed a ransom note on your desktop, you can be sure that your system was infected with a very serious malware. We advise not to attempt to remove Alpha Crypt manually and to read the following article to learn more about this software. Under this article you will also find some very useful advices on how to recover your lost files.

Alpha Crypt Virus  How to remove Alpha Crypt Virus

How does Alpha Crypt work?

Like any other ransomware, Alpha Crypt enters your PC in a secretive manner. Most likely this dangerous intruder entered your system after you clicked an ad or a suspicious update in an unknown page. These infected advertisements are usually very good at convincing people to choose them. However, you should be very careful, because after clicking such an advert you may end up with a bunch of undesirable or even malicious software. For the same reason you should also avoid opening spam email attachments or downloading freeware from unknown sources. Exercise caution when you browse in the future and eliminate Alpha Crypt immediately.

Once it situates itself in your PC, this virus immediately adds .ezz extension to your files using RSA-2048 encryption algorithm. In order to access those files, you will need a decryption tool and decryption key, both of which you may get from cyber criminals. This information is provided on your desktop once the encryption is complete. The two ransom notes claim that users only need to pay the ransom in order to get back their files. However, users are reluctant do that because the required amount of money is quite big, approximately $500 USD paid in Bitcoins. We also  urge you not to give away your savings directly to cyber criminals. Remember that you are dealing with hackers, whose only goal is to take away your money. In the most likely scenario, you will pay the money and will be left with infected computer and unavailable files. Be more careful from now on and terminate Alpha Crypt.

How to remove Alpha Crypt?

It should be obvious that in the future you need to be more cautious with your browsing. Do not open suspicious emails and stay away from their attachments. Also, avoid clicking unknown ads in random pages, since those ads are often used to infect users’ computers. Best decision would be to purchase an authentic and powerful malware removal software and let it remove Alpha Crypt from your computer. You should also consider the fact that after Alpha Crypt removal, the same trustworthy anti-malware will also safeguard your system from other threats. After you deal with the virus, we recommend to follow the instructions on how to recover your files.

Delete Alpha Crypt

Windows XP

  1. Restart your PC and start tapping F8 when BIOS loads up.
  2. Using the arrow keys, choose Safe Mode with Networking and tap Enter.
  3. Press Yes and download a trustworthy computer security software to delete Alpha Crypt.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Restart the system and start clicking F8 once the BIOS finish loading.
  2. Go to Advanced Boot Options menu and choose Safe Mode with Networking (use the arrow keys).
  3. Click Enter and install a legitimate anti-malware.
  4. Use the new security tool to remove Alpha Crypt.

Windows 8

  1. Click Windows key to access the Metro UI start screen
  2. Start your preferred browser and download an anti-malware.
  3. Scan your computer and delete Alpha Crypt.

Restore the encrypted files

  1. Recover the files form backup. However, only the people who have been taking care of backups can use this recovery method.
  2. You can regain your files, if you have been using Windows folder tools too.
  3. You can also try out the TeslaCrypt Decryption tool presented by Cisco. Simply download it and run it in order to recover your files.
  4. If all the above mentioned option fail, you can also attempt to use Shadow Volume Copies. For that you will need to download this tool and open it. In the drop-down menu (top left corner) you can see a list of dates. Pick a point-in-time from which you wish to restore your files. Right click any encrypted file and choose Export. Afterwards, select a place where you want to put the restored data.

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