Browser Hijacker

What is is a misleading search engine categorized as a browser hijacker. It enters your computer in a clandestine manner and starts changing the settings. It installs itself in all main browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. If your default search engine and your home page changed to then you can be sure that hijacker has infiltrated you system.

You should be quite alarmed, because if left unattended, this hijacker can cause many problems to your computer. Its activity is not only annoying, but can also be very dangerous. We recommend to remove as soon as possible. Removal

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What does do?

Directly after entering your computer changes your home page and default search engine. You will soon understand just how inadequate are the provided search results. In between them many links to sponsored websites are hidden. Also, every moment you surf the internet you will see many advertisements that make your computer slow down considerably. All these links and ads can direct you to malicious sites which can infect you with malware. That is because the hijacker does not care who are the third parties that put ads on your screen. BoBrowser’s goal is to increase it’s revenue and it grows for every click on sponsored link thus improving affiliate marketing. It means that the creators of the ad might be cyber criminals. If that is the case then not only your computer’s safety, but also your personal information is in danger. Protect yourself and get rid of

You probably have noticed that the displayed advertisements are relevant to you. That is because follows your online activity and collects your IP address, browsing history and so on. It knows what interest you and so it can adapt advertisements to your needs. Cyber criminals will not stop at this information. If you click on the displayed link and enter infected page, it is very likely that your personal data like passwords and user names will be compromised and used for malicious purposes.

This hijacker enters you computer bundled with free of charge software. The users often leave Installation Agreement unread and thus are unable to prevent such software from entering. You should never agree to additional applications and should never allow to change your home page. The only way to undo these changes is to delete

How to remove

From this article it should be quite obvious that you need to erase immediately. Take care of your computers security and do not allow this rogue program to stay inside your system. Follow the instructions given below this article and uninstall right away. Scan your computer with a legitimate antimalware after the removal.


Windows XP

  • Click Start and go to Control Panel.
  • Choose Add or Remove Programs and find the suspicious application.
  • Mark it and click Remove.

Windows 8

  • Press Windows key and R simultaneously and type in Control Panel.
  • Click OK.
  • Choose Uninstall a program and double-click the program you want to uninstall.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Open Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  • Choose Uninstall a program and find the unwanted program.
  • Double-click and uninstall it.

Remove from your browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Go to gear icon (top right corner) and choose Internet Options.
  • Open Advanced tab and click Reset.
  • Choose Delete personal settings and click Reset again.
  • Click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open menu (top right corner) and choose Question mark.
  • Click Troubleshooting Information and then click Reset Firefox.
  • Click Reset Firefox again and then choose Finish.

Google Chrome

  • Open menu (top right corner) and choose Settings.
  • Click Show Advanced Settings and select Reset browser settings.
  • Click Reset again.

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