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What is SmarterPower?

SmarterPower is an adware application that displays various interstitial, video, audio, pop-up and other types of ads in your browsers. The program was developed by SuperWeb LLC, a company infamous for potentially unwanted applications. It is very likely that the application infiltrated your computer using a method called bundling.

SmarterPower will not do you any good. The software was created to serve only one purpose and that is to generate web traffic. You will not benefit from it in any way. However, you will expose your computer to unnecessary online security vulnerabilities. If you want to avoid that you should delete SmarterPower.

SmarterPower  Remove SmarterPower

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How does SmarterPower work?

SmarterPower gets access to your PC when you install some kind of freeware or shareware. All ad-supported programs work in a similar way. They are installed silently unless you choose Advanced installation option and purposely deselect them. Which is what you should do next time you install free software. Once the adware accesses your computer you will see various ads and pop-ups in all of your browsers. It will display adverts even on pages that have nothing to do with online shopping. The websites will take longer to load and you may also notice that your system has slowed down as well. Moreover, keep in mind that ad-supported programs usually track your cookies to record information about your online behavior. If that is not acceptable to you, you should terminate SmarterPower.

Privacy issues are not the only problems associated with SmarterPower. The adverts it displays may not be safe. You could be presented with pop-ups and banners that may offer you software and products. You should keep in mind that these may be fake ads that could redirect you to malware harboring webpages. You could also be presented with lotteries and surveys that are only there to collect your personal information. Stay away from all ads provided by the application and eliminate SmarterPower from your PC.

How to remove SmarterPower?

If you want to remove SmarterPower from your computer, you can use a malware removal tool to do that. It will scan your system, detect unwanted program(s) and uninstall SmarterPower automatically. You should also know that there is a very big advantage to automatic removal as opposed to manual, because the anti-malware utility will also keep your computer safeguarded in the future. If, however, you want to terminate SmarterPower manually, that is possible as well. You can use the instructions below to help you with this task.

SmarterPower Removal

Windows XP

  1. Click Start -> Control Panel
  2. Pick Add or remove programs
  3. Eliminate unwanted software

Windows 7 and Vista/8

  1. Click Start/Press Win+S to open Search
  2. Enter Control Panel
  3. Select Uninstall a program
  4. Choose the adware and click Uninstall.

Download Removal Toolto remove SmarterPower

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