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First of all  we would like to say that International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) is not a virus, of course. The reason for such unfair judgment is because cyber hackers use International Cyber Security Protection Alliance and its logo (ICSPA) in their many ransomwares that they have developed  So Whether you live in the United States, Ireland, Canada or Australia, ICSPA Virus is an infection which you should guard your PC against. The malicious ransomware can slither onto the computer without any of your knowledge and corrupt it for a highly malignant purpose. Money is the only objective that the devious program has, which is why cyber criminals have created it using highly deceptive and misleading information. Once the infection finally attacks, your computer is locked, and schemers justify this with a misleading notification, supposedly sent to you by the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance. The most important thing you should note is that your computer has been corrupted illegally, and that ICSPA Virus removal is unavoidable.

rcmp virus ICSPA Virus Removal

Since the main task for the malignant infection is to trick you into giving up your own money, cyber crooks have created a truly misleading notification which pops up on the screen whenever you turn on the computer. This alert is embellished with various illegally attached credentials and intimidating accusations, so that Windows users would believe that the computer has been locked because of your illegal actions. Of course, you should pay no attention to this fictional information:


As mentioned, ICSPA Virus is targeted at different countries and this is done with the help of various different versions of this malign ransomware. If you live in the U.S. – beware of FBI Cybercrime Division Virus. If you currently live in Canada – Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus is a threat you need to look out for. You should also implement malware detection and removal tools when dealing with Ireland’s National Police Service Virus and United Kingdom Police Virus. Note that all of these malignant applications are controlled through the Urausy Trojan. Overall, the infections use the same scare tactics to get your money and you can delete them using the same removal methods.

 ICSPA Virus Removal

If you want to delete ICSPA Virus, you firstly need understand that your computer lock down has been initiated by a malignant ransomware. Do not pay the fines to unlock the computer or, even worse, ignore the problem. Simply implement automatic malware removal tools which will help you delete the sinister infection and restore Windows functionality. Manual removal is not recommended due to the complexity of the threat; however, you can delete the virus using the guidelines provided below.

removal instructions en ICSPA Virus Removal

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2 thoughts on “ICSPA Virus Removal

  1. Andy

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your help, it appears that the Scam Artists have improved their program or Microsoft is making life harder for us.

    When starting the computer and using F8 I get the option to boot from two sources, the Hard drive or the CD drive, it appears their is no way to into the Safe Mode.

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong or I’m not following the instructions properly?

    The computer with the problem is running Vista home edition, maybe I have been lucky as I have another computer to search for the answer to the problem, a worry is I don’t know how they got in or how to prevent this computer becoming infected.

    One thing I am sure of and that is without people like you the criminals would have taken over the internet by now.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank You.

    1. admin

      Hello Andy,

      It depends on the version of Trojan, only few versions of this malware block safe mode. Almost 90% leaves the safe mode with networking not blocked. Sometimes PC should be disconnected from internet in order to access safe mode with command prompt..

      All in all if safe mode is blocked, I suggest to download Kaspersky bootable cd from their website or use Hitman Pro kickstarter USB

      Thanks for good words!.


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