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What is is a browser hijacker that you can not trust. It comes as a part of Omiga plus desktop manager that you can download at Omiga plus was developed by Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology. The hijacker can also be bundled with Desk 365 and SoftStud. It functions on all popular browsers including IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The hijacker alters your browser settings without your permission and makes other unwanted changes. You will be exposed to various advertisements that should not be clicked on. The best thing to do is to eliminate from your PC.

Isearch.omiga hijacker isearch.omiga Removal

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How does work?

You should not hesitate to remove, because the longer you use the engine, the more information it will collect about your Internet surfing activity. The program records which pages you visit, what searches you make, which browser you use, etc. This is done in order to personalize the adverts that you see on your screen. Displaying these ads is the main reason that the hijacker was created. By promoting various sites, the authors of the program make profit. We do not recommend clicking on the links, because they may not be safe. You could end up on a malware harboring webpage and once you do, you will infect your system. If you do not wish to be exposed to the corrupted links, you should terminate

Aside from the never-ending ads and pop-ups, you will also see other changes. First of all, your home page and default search engine will be replaced by Every time you open your browser, you will see this site. We do not recommend using the provided engine as it will not show you genuine results. The hijacker will also slow down your Internet connection and system speed. It is clear that there is no reason for you to tolerate this.

How to remove

Manual removal is a complicated task. First, you need to delete the program that the hijacker came bundled with, then reset your browsers and edit the Target line. If you are not sure which application is to blame, you should download and implement a malware scanner. It will tell you which program you need to remove. Alternatively, you can use a malware removal tool and let it do all the work for you. It will scan your PC, detect all threats and delete along with them. Then you will be able to return to safe and uninterrupted browsing. Removal

Remove and the related program

  • Click on Start (or right-click the bottom left corner in Windows 8)
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program (or Add or remove programs in Windows XP)
  • Terminate the unwanted application

Uninstall from browsers

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Alt+T → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset → Close

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Alt+H → Troubleshooting Information → Reset Firefox → Reset Firefox → Finish

Reset Google Chrome

  • Alt+F → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset browser settings → Reset

Edit Target line

  1. Right-click on the browser shortcut
  2. Go to Properties → Shortcut tab
  3. Locate Target
  4. Delete all text after “exe”
  5. Click OK.

Download Removal Toolto remove

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