Metropolitan Police Virus


Metropolitan Police Virus is a cunning computer threat which locks the machine down and displays a pop-up message whose content should be ignored at any price. The message contains accusations of prohibited activity which has supposedly caused the immobility of the computer, which, according to the message, is initiated by the Metropolitan Police Virus. As the only aim of the virus and the message displayed is to prompt the inexperienced user to pay a charge after which the computer is said to be unlocked, it is highly advisable to remove Metropolitan Police Virus as soon as possible, because there is nothing authentic about the message.

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Regarding different elements of the message, it seems that the Metropolitan Police Virus is actually responsible for the investigation. The warning contains a logo of the police, articles of laws and an online money transfer service integrated on the right side of the message. None of them should be trusted, because they are not related to the fraud. Ignore the statements that you have used or distributed copyrighted material such as videos, pieces of music and software. Additionally, it is stated that the computer was used to view or distribute pornographic material, which should be ignored as well as the fine which is expected to be paid through Ukash. Importantly, Ukash, even though it is a save method for paying for online purchases, it should not be regarded as a factor defining the authenticity of the message.

metropolitan police screen lock Metropolitan Police Virus

As the ransom fee will not help you fix the computer, remove Metropolitan Police Virus to have the system settings restored. We recommend that you use an acknowledged spyware removal application such as SpyHunter. The guidelines below will help you to download this tool for the removal of Metropolitan Police Virus:

1. Go to the Start menu.
2. Select Run.
3. Type in and press Ok.
4. Download and install the application.
5. Restart the computer and scan the system in order to delete the infection.

Download Removal Toolto remove Metropolitan Police Virus

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