Remove Aboutblank


If you open your Internet Explorer browser and instead of your homepage you see a blank page, then it is certain that you are infected with Aboutblank browser hijacker. It is related to Cool Web Search spyware, and it usually affects only Internet Explorer, but it has been noticed that the most recent various of this malware can infect Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well. The bottom line is that you have to terminate About Blank as soon as possible to avoid serious system damage.

Since it is a browser hijacker, Aboutblank changes your default homepage and search engine settings. Also, each new tab that you open, will have the about URI scheme, and if you try removing About Blank, you will find that it is rather hard to do, because this browser hijacker is very resistant to the inquiry of security products.

The most dangerous thing about Aboutblank is the fact that it can be exploited by third party malicious applications. Since this browser hijacker can track your browsing habits, it can also record your personal data and send it over to a third party, if About blank is used by malicious computer infection. Also, if Aboutblank constantly redirects you to unfamiliar websites and floods you with commercial third-party advertisements, it is important that you do not click on any ad, because it might redirect you further to a website that hosts malware.

Therefore, although About Blank is not a particularly dangerous threat, it can function as a mediator for other infections to enter your computer. So you must delete Aboutblank immediately with a reliable antimalware tool. Do not hesitate to invest in a powerful computer security application that will restore your browser settings and scan your system for other possible infections.

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