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Everyone is and should be concerned about Internet security. In the world we live in, many take advantage of lax online security for personal gain, often with damage to others. With that in mind, many have concerns over the tracking cookie Are these concerns valid?

This is more of a privacy issue than a security concern. Tracking cookies, like, keep track of what sites you go to, how often you go, what browser you are using, how long you spend on a site, and things like that. They track data so it can be used for marketing purposes. As a result, ads can be tailored more to your interests. If you look at the cookies on your computer, you will literally find dozens of such tracking cookies. Is it more important to remove than other tracking cookies?

In my opinion it is not. However, if you wish to remove there are many sites that teach you how. All you have to do is search for remove and you will likely find several tutorials. If you know much about your browser, you probably know how to clear cookies, block cookies, or even just delete one particular one. But cookies are part of the Internet. In reality, it is better to just recognize that one is not as anonymous as they think they are when surfing the Internet. Sorry to burst that bubble folks. Whether or not you remove, dozens of other cookies are watching what you do.

A note of caution. If you are receiving a warning about the Ad.yieldmanger cookie (an apparent security notice) then you have a bigger problem. The problem isn’t the cookie. It is a trojan that is using the Ad.yieldmanager cookie as a scapegoat. These trojans are money stealing devices that convince you something is wrong with your computer and then try to get you to buy a program to get rid of the spyware, virus, or whatever the made up issue is.

In this case most of time, internet users complain that they are getting random pop-ups  from or error messages with the following text:

Sorry, we couldn’t find…ACX1b….

ad yieldmanager com Removal

But in itself is not a security threat, and a real security program will not identify it as such. If you receive this warning, it will not be resolved if you simply remove If you get a message like that, do not click on the links or purchase any products they lead you to. There are trojan removers that you can download , and update regularly.

Scan  Computer with recommended anti-malware and clean-up software to remove Ad.yieldmanger.cominfection:

Ddownload recommended anti-malware software and run a full system scan. It will detect and remove this infection from your computer.

Download Removal Toolto remove


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