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What is Ads by Klip Pal?

Klip Pal is an adware program that fills your browsers with commercials labeled ‘Ads by Klip Pal’. It was created by SuperWeb LLC which is responsible for a variety of ad-supported applications such as HypeNet, Make Mark, Raving Reyven, SaveOn and many more. The program has an official website, however, it can not be downloaded there. The site looks and works in the same way as other sites of SuperWeb LLC software. If you click on the download link, nothing happens. This means the adware arrives bundled with other freeware. If you want to get rid of Ads by Klip Pal, you should delete Klip Pal from your system.

Ads by Klip Pal Remove Ads by Klip Pal

How does Klip Pal work?

Do not believe any promises made in the description of the application. It will not enhance your surfing experience in any way. In fact, it will slow it down by presenting you with various adverts, pop-ups, banners, video commercials, interstitial, in-text ads and so on. You will not be able to visit a website without having to deal with them. Moreover, you should know that these advertisements may not be legitimate. They could lead you to corrupted websites where you could unwittingly infect your system with malware. You could also fall victim to other online scams. That is why it is important that you eliminate Ads by Klip Pal from your browsers as soon as you can.

In addition to security related issues discussed above, Klip Pal may also connect to the Internet without your permission and send information about your online behavior. It is known that the program collects data about which pages you visit, what searches you make, and what other actions you take while online. This information is collected and shared and can also be used for other purposes.

How to remove Ads by Klip Pal?

As it has already been mentioned, in order to terminate Ads by Klip Pal, you need to uninstall the program that is responsible for them. That can be done one of two ways. You can either download a malware removal application and let it take care of your system or you can delete Klip Pal yourself. The anti-malware utility can scan your PC, detect all unwanted application and eliminate Ads by Klip Pal for good. It will also be useful to you in the future as it will protect your system from various Internet-based threats. If, however, you choose manual Ads by Klip Pal removal, you can use the instructions that are presented below.

Manual Ads by Klip Pal removal

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Klip Pal → Remove

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Klip Pal → Uninstall

Windows 8

  • Search (Win+S) → type in ‘Control Panel’ → Uninstall a program → Klip Pal → Uninstall

Download Removal Toolto remove Ads by Klip Pal

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