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What are Ads by VideoCnv?

VideoCnv is a harmful Trojan infection that can cause all sorts of trouble to your system. Once it enters your PC, it modifies the rundll32.exe file in order to launch itself automatically every time you turn on your computer. VideoCnv may look like an ad-supported application at first, because after it gets installed computer users see various commercial ads, banners and pop-ups labeled ‘Ads by VideoCnv’ appear in their browser. The reason this happens is because the Trojan downloads adware onto the infected PC. If you want to find out how you can get rid of Ads by VideoCnv and, more importantly, the malware itself, you should continue reading this article.

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How does VideoCnv work?

VideoCnv can make its way into your computer via torrent files, spam email attachments, bundled downloads, corrupted sites and so on. Unfortunately, as it is a serious infection it can also install other malware and potentially unwanted programs onto your PC. You may end up with other Trojans and adware applications that will do nothing but harm. Ad-supported software will start showing you various advertisements which may also be fake. Clicking on them would only result in infecting your system with malware or falling victim to some other virtual scam. You should definitely stay away from all commercial data until you terminate Ads by VideoCnv.

Although VideoCnv may look like adware, it is much more serious than that. Ad-supported programs may be annoying as they make it practically impossible to browse the Web without dealing with all kinds of advertisements. And intrusive, since they monitor your browsing habits. However, they can not damage your PC on their own or drop other malicious applications on it. Trojans, on the other hand, are very capable of that. They connect to the Internet without your permission, slow down your system speed and may lead to serious computer malfunctions.

How to remove Ads by VideoCnv?

In order to eliminate Ads by VideoCnv from your browsers, you will have to delete VideoCnv and other programs that the Trojan has downloaded onto your computer. Unfortunately, when it comes to Trojans manual removal is not possible. Therefore to terminate Ads by VideoCnv, you will have to download a powerful anti-malware program. It will scan your system, detect all threats that reside in it and remove Ads by VideoCnv along with them. By implementing the malware removal tool, you will not only delete Ads by VideoCnv, but also make sure that your PC is protected from similar threats in the future.

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