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Guide on AgentServer.exe Removal

AgentServer.exe is an executable file that is responsible for processing the settings of Windows function or a related program. If you see a AgentServer.exe error on your screen, it means that your file is corrupted or absent from the computer. If that is the case, the PC will not be able to access this file when it is needed. A more common issue relating to AgentServer.exe, however, is when a malicious file under this name enters your computer together with malware or spyware.

The file has been in particularly associated with Security Suite which is a rogue anti-spyware application. The malware can cause serious harm to your computer which is why you have to terminate AgentServer.exe and its related program as soon as you possibly can.

AgentServer.exe  Remove AgentServer.exe

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Should I delete AgentServer.exe?

AgentServer.exe is a file that can be used by cyber criminals in order to corrupt your system. The reason the malicious file is named the same way as the legitimate one is so that it can stay hidden in your PC for as long as possible. Usually malicious programs create lots of files and store them in different folders in your computer which makes it rather difficult to detect and delete all of these files manually. It is safe to say that there are other malicious files on your system that you will also have to get rid of.

As it has been mentioned above, AgentServer.exe has been associated with Security Suite. Security Suite is a malignant rogue anti-spyware that was created in order to make easy profit off of the unsuspecting computer users. It is a clone of such harmful programs as Antivirus Soft, AntiSpyware Soft and Antivirus Suite. The malware displays various unwanted symptoms like changing your system and browser settings, using up your PC resources and thus slowing it down, downloading and installing adware onto your computer, etc. There is no doubt that you need to delete AgentServer.exe and its related program. And here is how you can do that.

How to remove AgentServer.exe?

The only safe way to uninstall AgentServer.exe is by using a malware removal tool. You should not try to delete the file manually, because even if you do erase the right file, you will still not get rid of AgentServer.exe and the related malware. And if you erase the wrong one, you will cause even more damage to your PC. Download and install the powerful anti-malware utility. It will scan your system, detect all components of the malicious infection and remove AgentServer.exe related program completely. Your computer will be safe and secure as long as you have the anti-malware installed.

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