Remove Antivirus Defender 2015

Fake Antispyware

What is Antivirus Defender 2015?

Antivirus Defender 2015 is a rogue anti-spyware that may infect your Windows XP. There are, of course, other versions of the fake program designed for other Windows systems like SystemBytes Win 7 2015 and SystemBytes Win 8 2015. All of these applications belong to a family of rogues called Braviax or FakeRean. They are similar to other applications of this family like Zorton XP Protection, Sirius Win XP Antispyware 2014, Rango XP Antispyware and some others. The main aim of this software is to trick you into wasting your money on the useless product. You should terminate Antivirus Defender 2015 without hesitation.

How does Antivirus Defender 2015 work?

Once Antivirus Defender 2015 enters your system, it tries to convince you that your PC is infected with a number of malicious programs. It initiates a scan the results of which are completely fake. You are presented with a list of non-existent infections and a notification that rushes you to purchase an upgrade. Supposedly, the full version of the program will help you clean your PC. You should not believe any of it. The rogue is not a legitimate program and it can not help you in any way, even if your computer was actually infected. Instead of wasting your money, you should delete Antivirus Defender 2015 as soon as you can.

Antivirus Defender 2015 loads every time you turn on your computer. It may block certain .exe files and show you fake notifications claiming that these files are infected. Basically, it will do everything it can to convince you that you need to buy the rogue software. However, if you do that, you will not only waste your money, but also expose your credit card details to cyber criminals. That could lead to serious financial consequences.

How to remove Antivirus Defender 2015?

In order to get rid of Antivirus Defender 2015, you should download and install a legitimate anti-malware application. We do not recommend manual Antivirus Defender 2015 removal unless you have advanced computer knowledge. The rogue may block access to the Internet and make anti-virus applications unresponsive. That is why you should implement a reliable malware removal tool that will be able to take care of your system. It will scan your PC, detect all infected elements and eliminate Antivirus Defender 2015 completely. You will not have to worry about similar issues in the future as the software will safeguard your computer from various online parasites. To connect to the Internet and download the security program, you will have to access Safe Mode. Instructions on how to do that are provided below.

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