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How to terminate ArcadeParlor

ArcadeParlor is a browser add-on that you need to install if you want to play premium games on The application is identical to other EpicPlay LLC programs like Arcade Safari, Arcade Hits, Arcade Yum, Arcade Frontier and others. All of these programs are classified as adware. ArcadeParlor works on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

It usually comes bundled with other potentially unwanted software like YTDownloader, MyPCBackup, Media Player by VideoBuzz and more. The adware will show various advertisements in your browsers, some of which may not be legitimate. In order to improve your cyber security, you should immediately terminate ArcadeParlor and all software that came bundled with it.

ArcadeParlor removal Remove ArcadeParlor

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How does ArcadeParlor work?

Once you install ArcadeParlor, its extensions will be installed in your web browsers. These extensions connect to adware servers and display various third party adverts on your screen. Since they are not reviewed by the application, it is very likely that you will be presented with fake advertisements. Clicking on the ads is not recommended. You could be redirected to malware harboring pages, where you may infect your system or become a part of some other Internet scam. This is one of the main reasons to delete ArcadeParlor from your PC.

ArcadeParlor monitors your online habits by tracking your cookies. The collected information is used for personalizing the commercial data. You should not be tricked by that. Other behavior that is typical for the adware is using up your system resources, making it work slower than usual. The application will also negatively affect your Internet connection.

If you did not download the adware yourself, it means that you accidentally acquired it together with some other freeware. You should be very careful when installing free third party software as it often comes with potentially unwanted programs. These programs can be avoided if you choose Advanced installation option and deselect all unnecessary boxes.

How to remove ArcadeParlor?

If you want to uninstall ArcadeParlor, there is no reason for you to hesitate. The application is not malicious, so you should not have any difficulties with its removal. If you want to delete ArcadeParlor manually, all you need to do is access Control Panel and go to Uninstall a program. Full instructions are presented below, in case you need them. Alternatively, you can download a malware removal utility and use it to get rid of the adware automatically. The security software will help you eliminate all potentially unwanted programs that reside on your computer. It will also shield your PC from similar and much more serious online dangers.

ArcadeParlor Removal

Eliminate ArcadeParlor from Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → ArcadeParlor → Remove

Delete ArcadeParlor from Windows 7 and Vista

  • Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → ArcadeParlor → Uninstall

Remove ArcadeParlor from Windows 8

  • Win+Q → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → ArcadeParlor → Uninstall.

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