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What is that Babylon Search?

Babylon Search can be called a search provider created by the Babylon team which has a lot more widely known applications in its account. Babylon functions as the dictionary offering quick translation service. The official site of this search provider is and the aforementioned dictionary can be downloaded by relying on this address. As usually, while performing the installation procedure, the user is offered to make some changes in the system, e.g. modify the startup page and install the additional applications. If the user accepts the modifications, firstly, the old home page is set to

Moreover, Babylon Toolbar is being added to the system as the supplementary plugin. The truth is that if you have Babylon Search your computer, you may be constantly irritated by the ads that can be the reason of the threats in the system. For your own security, you are advised to remove Babylon Search out of the system, in case you found yourself one of the owners of it.

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Babylon Search Remove Babylon Search

How Babylon Delta Search enters my PC?

Without any doubts, Babylon Search has two chances letting it to enter the system. The first one is the way mentioned above – site where you can download this search provider. Besides this website, Babylon is available at some third party pages. What is more, if while the installation proceeds, the user doesn’t cancel the modifications of startup page and search provider, later, he/she finds Babylon as the new search engine and the home page. Hence, the user is obliged to use the malware spreading search provider which should be better got rid of.

How to remove Babylon Search?

In case you have this search engine on your system, you are advised to think about the immediate Babylon Search removal. This is the best solutions for such situation as Babylon, performing together with third parties, may be the cause of the future viruses. If it’s not enough, your important personal data may be traced and insecurely shared with the parties. For the elimination procedure to be successful, rely on the tips given here.

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Removal procedure

Windows 8

  • Mouse to bottom right corner.
  • Settings (Charms bar) → Control Panel.
  • Uninstall a program → erase Babylon.

Windows XP

  • Start menuControl Panel.
  • Add or Remove programs → uninstall Babylon.

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  • Start menuControl Panel.
  • Uninstall a program → eliminate Babylon and similar applications.

Browser repair

Internet Explorer

  • Use Alt+XManage add-ons.
  • Toolbars and Extensions → erase everything similar to Babylon.
  • Search Providers → Choose a search providererase Babylon Search.
  • Use Alt+XInternet options.
  • General tab → press Use default for startup page → OK.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to browser Help.
  • Troubleshooting Information Reset FirefoxReset Firefox once more.
  • Choose Finish.

Google Chrome

  • Use Alt+FToolsExtensions.
  • Perform the elimination and disable everything that can be linked to Babylon.
  • SettingsOpen a page or set of pages Set pages.
  • Modify the startup page→ choose OK.
  • Go to SearchManage search engines.
  • Choose a new search provider → Done.

After performing the uninstallation and browser repair, you are still suggested to check the system one more time to get to know whether no threats were left in the system. For this, you have to download and install a reliable anti-malware tool. Use Spyhunter and scan a system using it. If you still find some of the variations of Babylon Search, remove it. These variations are provided below.

Erase Babylon Search files:

%LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsdhkplhfnhceodhffomolpfigojocbpcb
%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsdhkplhfnhceodhffomolpfigojocbpcb
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%Mozilla Firefoxsearchplugins
%PROGRAMFILES%Mozilla Firefoxsearchplugins

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