Browser Hijacker Removal Tips is classified as a browser hijacker, because it can enter your computer without your notice and alter your browser settings. The unwanted modifications happen without your permission. The hijacker affects all major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It does not just change your home page and default search provider, but also causes redirects to unknown sites and adds commercial content to your favorite pages.

Other changes that you may also notice include a slowed down Internet and system speed. If you want to eliminate all of these undesirable symptoms, you should terminate without delay.  Remove

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Where does come from?

Just like any other browser hijacker, is usually distributed with free software. It gets attached to the freeware and shareware that you can download from third party software hosting websites. When you install this software, you are provided with additional offers. For the most part those offers are potentially unwanted programs, adware and browser hijackers. If you do not decline them, they get installed automatically. Since most computer users do not pay too much attention to the installation process of freeware, they do not even notice allowing additional applications to enter their system. To make sure that never happens to you again, you should always be attentive and choose Advanced or Custom mode whenever you can. Once you do, you will be able to deselect all optional programs that will be presented to you.

How does work?

The main function of the browser hijacker is that it replaces your home page and default search engine. Like everything else, this is done in order to promote the websites that are sponsoring the application. Your new home page may not look too suspicious, however, it could contain ads that are less than reliable. The same goes for the results that the search engine will bring you and other ads that you will see on your screen. We advise you to steer clear from the commercial content as it may not be safe. You may be exposed to fake adverts and if you click on one of them, you could end up infecting your PC with malware or getting tricked by some virtual scam aimed at extorting your money. Your online security should be a top priority to you and that is why you should get rid of

There are also other things that you should know about the hijacker. tracks your cookies and collects information about your online behavior in order to personalize the inserted ads. This increases the chances of you actually clicking on them. Also, because of the excessive advertisements your Internet connection becomes slower and your favorite pages do not open as quickly as they used to. The program also decreases your system speed by using up a lot of its resources.

How to remove

There are two ways you can eliminate from your browsers. One of them is to delete manually and the other one is to do it automatically. Manual removal is not too complicated. First, however, you will have to identify which program caused the hijacker to appear. Once you do, you will have to uninstall it and then reset your browser settings. Full manual removal instructions are provided below the article and you are welcome to use them.

If, however, you decide to erase automatically, which is a more reliable solution, you should download an anti-malware utility and allow it to do all the work for you. The malware remover will perform a system scan and detect all elements of the unwanted hijacker. You will then be able to delete along with other threats that may be present on your computer. Removal

1) Uninstall

Windows XP

• Click on Start and go to Control Panel
• Choose Add or remove programs
• Select the application
• Click Remove

Windows 7 and Vista

• Click Start and open Control Panel
• Select Uninstall a program
• Right-click on the software
• Choose Uninstall

Windows 8

• Move cursor to the bottom right corner
• Click Settings and open Control Panel
• Select the suspicious program
• Click Uninstall

2) Remove from browsers:

Internet Explorer

• Press Alt+T and click Internet Options
• Select the Advanced tab
• Click on the Reset button
• Tick Delete personal settings
• Click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

• Tap Alt+H and select Firefox Help
• Click on the Refresh Firefox button
• Select Refresh Firefox
• Click Finish

Google Chrome

• Press Alt+F and click on Settings
• Select Show advanced settings
• Click on Reset setting
• Choose Reset

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