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What is is a doubtful search engine promoted together with some other potentially unwanted applications. You should know that due to some unwanted side effect which are provided by this search engine, can be categorized as a browser hijacker as well. Considering the fact that may affect all the browsers that are installed into your computer (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) there is no need to run away from this hijacker if it is already inside your computer’s system.

The only way to get back safe work with your computer again is within removal procedure.

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How can infiltrate your computer? can infiltrate your computer together with other programs which you download from the internet. So, each time when you are about to download and install any new application you should better think about the unpleasant consequences which you may have to face afterwards. Maybe these thoughts will stop you from downloading all applications at a run without checking if they are reliable and free of any unwanted files. Moreover, before starting the installation procedure you should never forget to choose Advanced or Custom installation method. In addition to that it is very important to attentively analyze all information which is provided in the installation wizard and remove the mark sign from the files that you don’t want to install.

Why it is recommended to remove

No matter different opinions that this application is not so malicious we don’t recommend you leave running inside your computer without any supervision. Keep in mind that the new search provider ( can not only display you wrong search results but also redirect to potentially malignant web sites. In addition to that, you may also be supplied with a huge amount of different pop-ups that might not only interfere the browsing activities but also pose a potential danger of ‘catching’ even more serious infection. Be aware that the main purpose of such various messages is to promote the traffic of some sponsored sites as well as to search for all the possible ways to spread potentially unwanted applications. Moreover, you have to know that there is a possibility that can hijack all your searching and browsing sessions. This supervision is performed in order to find out about your favorite search results and then generate even a great amount of diverse advertisements and other type of pop-ups. Sounds like an endless story – the longer you hesitate about the necessity to uninstall, the more unwanted consequences you can face. So, we still don’t understand why can’t you just simply eliminate and forget about this unwanted application?


At the beginning we recommend you to terminate from your browsers manually:

Internet Explorer

  • Open the browser and then begin tapping a combination of ‘Alt+T’.
  • Choose ‘Manage Add-ons’ section and go to ‘Search providers’.
  • Here look for the undesirable search engines, choose ‘Disable’ option and close the table.
  • Now tap ‘Alt+T’ once again but this time select ‘Internet Options’.
  • Click once on the ‘General’ tab and change your de
    fault home page.
  • Finally, choose ‘OK’.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the browser and tap ‘Alt+T’ (simultaneously).
  • Go to the ‘Options’ section and select ‘General’ tab.
  • Navigate to the ‘Home Page’ section, change your home page and click on ‘OK’ option.
  • Choose ‘search provider’ icon (on the right side) and move to ‘Manage Search Engines’.
  • Click on the unwnated engine and choose ‘Remove’ option.
  • Finally, click on ‘OK’.

Google Chrome

  • If the browser is already opened, begin tapping ‘Alt+T’.
  • After that, go to the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Now mark ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ (under ‘On Startup’ section).
  • After that, click on ‘Set Pages’ and then remove or overwrite the existing URL.
  • Click on ‘OK’ and then go to the ‘Apperance’ section (under this section you have to choose ‘Show Home button’).
  • Now mark ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ (under ‘On Startup’ section). (Once again).
  • Go to the ‘Search’ section and choose ‘Manage search engines’.
  • Look for the unwanted search engine and remove it by clicking on the ‘X’.
  • Finally, hit ‘OK’.

Another thing you have to do is to download reliable anti-spyware application such as SpyHunter. Keep in mind that only manual elimination steps are not always sufficient in order to completely get rid of any potentially unwanted application. So, if you download and install our suggested anti-virus tool you can be assured that in the future you won’t need to worry about your PC’s security problems anymore.

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