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What is Browsefox?

Browsefox is a browser extension that is advertised on its main page as a tool that will enhance your browsing experience by providing quick search and various offers and discounts. In reality, Browsefox is nothing more than an ad-supported program. The website itself is identical to other webpages that promote adware.

It is impossible to download the application from the site which means that it travels bundled with freeware and shareware. The program may not be malicious itself, but is does have quite a few security related issues. We do not recommend keeping it on your PC. Delete Browsefox as soon as you can.

Browsefox Remove Browsefox

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How does Browsefox work?

Browsefox is very similar to other ad-supported programs like LemurLeap, LinkSwift Deals and more. The main objective of the program is to generate traffic of certain websites and that is why you will see various banners, pop-ups, in-text, transitional adverts and so on. You will not be able to avoid Browsefox once it is already in the system, because the program is compatible with all popular browsers. It will also collect your Internet surfing details in order to personalize the displayed ads and thus increase the chances of you clicking on them. That is not something we would recommend.

The reason you should stay away from the ads brought to you by the application is because you may never be sure if they are legitimate or not. You could be presented with fake adverts that could lead you to unsafe pages. You may be tricked into downloading a malicious program disguised as something useful. You could also be tricked into purchasing a product that does not exist or entering your personal information in a fake survey or lottery. Even worse, in some cases you do not need to do anything at all, you may infect your PC simply be entering the corrupted site. Terminate Browsefox to make sure that never happens.

How to remove Browsefox?

The good thing about Browsefox is that it is not difficult to delete. You can uninstall Browsefox via Control Panel. If you need instructions on how to do that, you can find them provided right below the article. We also recommend to download a free scanner to check whether there are other potentially unwanted or malicious programs on your PC. If you want you can also use the anti-malware tool to eliminate Browsefox from your computer. The advantage of having a security application on your system is obvious as it will not only clean your PC, but also shield it from other online infections.

Browsefox Removal

Delete Browsefox from Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Browsefox → Remove

Remove Browsefox from Windows 8/7 and Vista

  • Search/Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Browsefox → Uninstall.

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