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Guide on Cantix.A Removal

Cantix.A is a hazardous worm written in VB script. The infection may be detected under a variety of different names like VBS/Worm.BA, Worm:VBS/Cantix.A, VBS:Cantix-A [Trj], VBS/Yuyun.A, VBS/Autorun.EY and similar variants. When executed, the malicious application copies itself into %system32%/.tmp, C:desktop.ini and %my documents%df5srvc.bfe folders.

The worm also adds registry entries in order to make sure that it launches every time you turn on your computer. The infection is distributed via removable drives. If you have a drive connected to your PC, the worm will add a copy of itself to it. If your PC has been infected by this malicious threat, you should waste no time and terminate Cantix.A as soon as possible.

Cantix.A  Remove Cantix.A

How does Cantix.A work?

Cantix.A works in a similar way to other harmful software. It will cause various malfunctions to a point where you will no longer be able to work on your computer. The system speed will slow down, you may notice freezes and crashes. It is possible that settings of certain programs will be modified. The worm is also known to drop other malware onto your PC. It has been in particularly associated with a rogue anti-spyware application called Tweak Swiss Knife Bundle 2012.

Nothing good ever comes from malicious programs which is why it is extremely important to be cautious while browsing the Web. If you see a suspicious link or ad, do not click on it. Try to stay away from unknown and unreliable webpages. Moreover, you should also be careful with spam email messages. Downloading an attachment without knowing what it is could lead to malware infections. All in all, you should bear in mind that cyber criminals are inventing new ways to infiltrate your system every single day. You need to stay one step ahead. The only way to do that is by having a powerful anti-malware utility installed. With the help of the security program you will also be able to delete Cantix.A.

How to remove Cantix.A?

There is no doubt that you need to eliminate Cantix.A from your system and the sooner you do that, the better. Unfortunately, as it is a malicious program, manual Cantix.A removal is not recommended. If you do not have advanced system knowledge, you could do more harm than good trying to delete Cantix.A manually. We suggest you download a malware removal tool and let it take care of your PC. Install the software and launch it. The program will detect all components of the infection and remove Cantix.A without any difficulties. It will also provide your system with real-time protection against various Internet-based parasites.

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