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Claro Search, also known as malware, is a search engine that is supposed to make your browsing experience much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, multiple sources have identified the application as malicious, as it has been reported to help schemers advertise rogue software and fictitious pharmaceutical web sites. If you do not remove Claro Search rapidly, this program could bring danger to your financial security and your computer’s integrity. If that is not what you want and you are ready to take the control over the operating system back into your own hands, you should find all information within this concise report.

Some computer owners might find it surprising that many online sources use browser helper objects to collect statistical data which later on can be forwarded to marketers and webpage developers. These browser plugins are rarely considered malignant, which is why even if your computer is protected by malware detection and removal tools, it is possible that they will pass the infection as harmless. Nonetheless, Claro Search is based on the successful running of BHO applications as this is what helps product’s developers to generate revenue.

This is where the danger comes in, because schemers can pay money to advertise their products without being screened properly. Once cyber criminals manage to breach your security’s protocols, they will be able to modify your browser’s settings, create web page redirections (to, mimic legitimate search results and produce deceptive advertisements. For this reason, it is important you do not click on online ads, follow suspicious instructions or install any software, because these actions could hide malware. As a matter of fact, you should terminate any browsing tasks until you remove Claro Search to prevent any security breaches.

If you cannot delete Claro Search using the Add/Remove Programs utility within the Control Panel or it regenerates after you perform this, it is possible that schemers have already taken over important Windows privileges. In this case, you should use automatic removal tools to get rid of the irritating application, and this is the best choice because wisely chosen software (e.g. SpyHunter) will guard your computer for a long time to come.

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