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What is CltMngSvc.exe?

CltMngSvc.exe is an executable file that comes together with Conduit browser add-ons. Conduit browser extensions and toolbars are often classified as ad-supported programs. There are up to 9 versions of the file. The most well-known version is responsible for auto-updates for a Conduit application called Search Protect.

If you have recently tried to uninstall a Conduit toolbar and did not do it properly, CltMngSvc.exe may have been left behind. You can check if there is CltMngSvc.exe process in the Windows Task Manager. In order to eliminate CltMngSvc.exe, it will not be enough to just end this process, you will have to properly uninstall Conduit toolbar.

cltmngsvc.exe  Remove CltMngSvc.exe

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How does Search Protect work?

Search Protect by Conduit is a program that is supposed to prevent third parties and computer users from altering your browser settings. The program sets its own home page and default search engine. Search Protect is usually distributed via various Conduit Toolbars. Once the program gets installed it adds background startup options to your system so that it runs automatically every time you turn on your PC. Obviously, that slows down your system speed. It also adds a Windows Service, i.e. CltMngSvc.exe file. Another file that gets downloaded during setup is SPSetup.exe.

Search Protect does not have an official page and is usually distributed bundled with other free software. The program changes your home page and default search provider to in all of your web browsers. These changes can not be undone until you delete the program. Moreover, it also fills your browsers with various ads, pop-ups, banners and so on. The so-called search engine will in turn present you with sponsored links. All of this commercial data has no business being in your browsers. Which is why you should terminate Search Protect and thus get rid of CltMngSvc.exe.

How to remove CltMngSvc.exe?

As it has already been mentioned, in order to remove CltMngSvc.exe you need to properly delete the Conduit program that is in your system. If you have already tried to delete CltMngSvc.exe related program via Control Panel and failed, you may want to download a malware removal tool that will scan your PC, detect all suspicious elements and terminate CltMngSvc.exe along with them. Moreover, it is also a good idea to have a powerful anti-malware utility installed because it will not only delete CltMngSvc.exe, but also protect your PC from unwanted programs in the future. If you have not tried to uninstall the Conduit program via Control Panel you can try to do it using the manual removal guide below.

Guide on CltMngSvc.exe Removal

Windows XP

  • Click Start and go to Control Panel
  • Select Add or remove programs
  • Choose the Conduit software
  • Click Remove

Windows 7 and Vista

  • Open Start menu and click Control Panel
  • Go to Uninstall a program
  • Choose the application and click Uninstall

Windows 8

  • Move cursor to the bottom right corner
  • Click on Settings and open Control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall a program
  • Terminate the unwanted application.

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