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What is CostMin?

CostMin is an ad-supported browser extension that is supposed to present you with best deals and thus help you save money while shopping online. CostMin has its own official page where it is described as a tool that will provide you with “coupons, discounts and sales for the items you searched for” on the shopping websites.

It also says there that the application is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program may also come bundled with other freeware. It is similar to other ad-supported applications like DealSpy, CouponBuddy, Offerswizard and others. It is recommended that you delete CostMin as soon as you can.

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How does CostMin work?

Although you may think that CostMin could be of use to you, once you actually see it at work, you will not want the program to stay on your PC. The adware will present you with adverts no matter what page you will be on. Moreover, these adverts are not endorsed by the application which means the information presented in them may be false. If you click on one of the fake ads, you could be redirected to a corrupted website and infect your system with malware. That could lead to serious financial consequences.

You should also be aware of the fact that CostMin collects information about your browsing habits like what pages you visit, what you search for and so on. The developers of the application claim that this is done in order to improve the service and quality of the program. It may also collect personally identifiable data which may later be used to create personalized ads. If you do not want to be monitored by the adware or risk exposing your system to malware infections, you should terminate CostMin.

How to remove CostMin from my PC?

If you want to uninstall CostMin manually, you can do that using the instructions we have prepared below. Fortunately, the program itself is not malicious, so you should not have any difficulties with CostMin removal, especially if you follow all the provided steps carefully. You should still, however, run a system scan afterwards to find out whether there are any other unwanted applications on your computer. If so, you can use the anti-malware tool to eliminate those applications. The malware removal can also be used on CostMin itself. Having an anti-malware utility makes you sure that your system is clean and protected at all times.

Advices on CostMin Removal

Eliminate CostMin from Windows 8

  • Charm bar → Settings → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → CostMin → Uninstall

Delete CostMin from Windows 7 and Vista

  • Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → CostMin → Uninstall

Uninstall CostMin from Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → CostMin → Remove

Remove CostMin from Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Manage add-ons → Toolbars and Extensions → CostMin → Remove

Erase CostMin from Mozilla Firefox

  • Mozilla menu → Add-ons → Extensions → CostMin → Remove.

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