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CrypVault Removal Tips (Delete CrypVault)

CrypVault is one of the names used by TrendMicro antivirus to identify a VaultCrypt ransomware. While it mainly targets Russian users, it can also reach you if you are in Europe or USA. Once it enters your computer, the virus encrypts your files and makes it look as though they were quarantined.

Seeing such situation users usually quickly comply with the demand to pay the required fee for decryption. We, however, urge you not to forget that by paying the money, you give your savings directly to cyber criminals who attacked your system. Instead we suggest to keep your money to yourself and to delete CrypVault.

CrypVault  Remove CrypVault

What does CrypVault do?

As soon as this ransomware enters your system, it immediately encrypts your files and ads the .vault extension to them. For the encryption, this virus uses the key created by GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) tool. The affected files include *.cdr,*.cd, *.mdb, *.1cd, *.dbf, *.xls,*.doc,*.pdf, *.rtf,*.psd, *.dwg, *.sqlite,*.jpg, *.zip., etc. It is obvious that it targets these files to ensure that you notice the infection very quickly. If you try to open the encrypted files, this rogue will show a message claiming that the files are “Stored in a Vault”. In the displayed message you will also notice a few links. If you click those links, you will be provided with the instructions on how to recover your files by paying the ransom which, as we mentioned, is not recommended. You must not forget that you are dealing with hackers and that you cannot trust them. In the most likely scenario, you will pay the money and will be left with the encrypted files. The lost files may be recovered from backup or, if you do not have one, you can seek help from the trustworthy professionals. Either way, do not waste your money and terminate CrypVault.

CrypVault is usually distributed using JavaScript. One of the possible ways to infiltrate your system involves JavaScript pop-ups which you may click in some random website. Recently, it was noticed that very often such pop-ups appear in the advertising part of the trustworthy pages that you use everyday. Once you click the infected ad, you will start a batch file download which will infect you with CrypVault. Also, it is possible that the same JavaScrip will reach your system in a spam email attachment. Be more careful in the future and remove CrypVault once you notice it in your PC.

How to remove CrypVault?

If you are not an experienced user, you should not even attempt to erase CrypVault by yourself. While some unwanted applications can be deleted manually, CrypVault removal is much more complicated. We advise to install an authentic and powerful malware removal tool and let it uninstall CrypVault for you. The same anti-malware could also stay in your system and protect it from future threats after CrypVault removal is completed.

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