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Tips on Dealster Removal

Dealster is another adware that is distributed by the Installrex installer. It enters your computer bundled with freeware and shareware that you download from untrustworthy websites. This adware is very similar to LuckyCoupon, SaverOn, and other free browser add-ons. They are often displayed in popular shopping websites such as Amazone, Bay, Best Buy, etc. Dealster is also capable of changing its name by adding extra letter to its extensions.

This means that instead of Dealster you may find dealstier, dEalsteer, Deailster, dueallster, etc. No matter what the name is, we recommend you to delete Dealster from your computer. In the following article we will explain why this adware can be very dangerous.

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How does Dealster work?

If you see advertisements labeled as “Powered by Dealster”or “Brought by Dealster” it means that your computer was infiltrated by Dealster. It promises to enrich your browsing experience. Theoretically, it should help you find the best deals in online shops and present them to you in a form of coupons, web banners, etc. However, this adware takes it to extreme and overwhelms the user with constant and annoying pop-ups. That is because the main goal of the adware is to direct you to predetermined third parties’ websites to increase their traffic. The main problem, however is that a part of advertisements presented by Dealster are not safe. The adware is not responsible for the contents of the advertisements, thus, anyone can advertise in it. Since cyber criminals are banned from reputable websites, they tend to use these kind of programs to reach the users. Because of the harm these criminals can do to your computer, we recommend to you to remove Dealster.

Dealster also collects information about your online activities. It tracks your search terms, browser settings, browsing history, records clicks, etc. All this allows it to present you the advertisements that will interest you. Even if you manage to avoid these links, Dealster can still redirect you to intended website regardless of your wishes. Thus, as long as you allow this adware reside inside your PC, you risk getting infected by Trojans, antiviruses, and other malware. You need to eliminate Dealster in order to protect you system.

Dealster usually enters your computer bundled with other freeware that you download from suspicious websites. You should download programs only from trustworthy sites or at least monitor installation very closely. Choose Advanced installation and deselect boxes that offer additional programs.

How to remove Dealster?

As we explained Dealster is useless adware and should not be in your computer. If you find it in your PC, you need to get rid of Dealster. Thankfully Dealster removal is not difficult. Our researchers found out that it is possible to remove Dealster through Control Panel. Detailed instructions of how to uninstall Dealster are given bellow this article. Do not let this adware to take advantage of your system.

Delete Dealster from Windows XP

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.
2. Select Add or Remove programs and find Dealster.
3. Select it and click Remove.

Terminate Dealster from Windows Vista & Windows 7

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.
2. Choose Uninstall a program and right-click on Dealster.
3. Click Uninstall.

Erase Dealster from Windows 8

1. Press Windows key+R.
2. Type in Control Panel and click OK.
3. Choose Uninstall a program and find Dealster.
4. Select Dealster and click Uninstall.

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