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What is DMUninstaller?

If you have noticed that you have DMUninstaller in your computer system it means that you most probably installed a program called Date Manager. The program itself is not malicious, however, it does expose your PC to various security threats by presenting you with false advertising. DMUninstaller is an executable file that may start a malicious process or launch parasite elements. If you want to eliminate DMUninstaller from your computer you will have to delete Date Manager.

The program is not terribly beneficial so you will not miss much if you get rid of it. More on Date Manager in the next chapter.

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What is Date Manager?

Date Manager is an ad-supported program that can show you today’s date and a calendar. Using this application you can also set reminders to yourself. This is where the list of positive functions of the program ends. Now lets take a look at the negative ones. First of all, as Date Manager is ad-supported, so it is quite obvious that you will see various pop-ups, sponsored links, in-text ads and other types of commercials in all of your browsers.

dmuninstaller Remove DMUninstaller

Aside from the fact that it will be annoying you should also keep in mind that these adverts expose you to unsafe content. The ads you see may present false content and thus you may become a victim of a virtual scam or download malware onto your PC. You should not take those kinds of risks and expose your computer to the malicious infections. What you should do is terminate Date Manager and all of its components including DMUninstaller.

How did I acquire DMUninstaller?

You acquired Data Manager along with DMUninstaller while installing a freeware or shareware program. Free software tends to come bundled with various unwanted applications and that is most likely how you got infected. If you want to prevent this from happening again you should always choose Custom Installation and deselect all unnecessary software. This will ensure that you only install what you need.

date manager1 Remove DMUninstaller

How to uninstall DMUninstaller?

In order to remove DMUninstaller you will have to uninstall Date Manager. There are a few ways you can do that. The best option is to download a malware removal tool that will do all the work for you. It will scan your PC, detect the application and all of its components and remove them. It will also safeguard your system in the future. The second option is to delete Date Manager manually which can be done via Control Panel. You can use the instructions provided below to complete this task.

DMUninstaller removal

Windows 7 and Vista

1. Open Start menu and click on Control Panel
2. Select Uninstall a program
3. Choose the unwanted application
4. Click Uninstall

Windows XP

1. Click Start and then Control Panel
2. Open Add or remove programs
3. Select the adware
4. Click Remove

Windows 8

1. Enter Control Panel in the Search box
2. Click OK
3. Pick Uninstall a program
4. Right-click on the unwanted adware
5. Click Uninstall.

Download Removal Toolto remove DMUninstaller

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