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What is DNS Changer?

DNS Changer, also known as Ghost Click Malware, Internet Doomsday Virus and FBI DNS Changer, is a Trojan horse that was created in order to make computers use rogue DNS servers. Once it enters the computer it affects system settings and replaces real DNS servers with DNS servers that belong to the cyber criminals. Then it gains access to other computers on the infected network. This way DNS Changer can infect more than one PC at a time.

The Trojan has been associated with various infections like TDSS Rootkit, Zlob Trojan and others. Needless to say, the sooner you get rid of DNS Changer the better.

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DNS Changer Remove DNS Changer

How does DNS Changer work?

DNS or Domain Name System is what allows computer users to connect to the Internet and open webpages. If your Internet connection has been acting up and you are not able to open certain websites your computer might be infected by the Trojan. DNS Changer can infect your system and access a router of home gateway. If the default settings of the router are not changed by the computer user cyber criminals may access the device. In order to check whether you have been infected you need to open Start menu and select Run. Then type in cmd.exe and press Enter. In the cmd window enter “ipconfig/all”. Afterwards, you need to find the DNS Servers details. If your IP address is the same as one of the ranges given below, your computer is infected with DNS Changer:

“ through through through through through through″

DNS Changer is a malicious threat that affects computers worldwide. It is usually distributed via fake downloads of video codecs, updates and other software. It is always best to download software only from official websites in order to avoid malware infections. DNS Changer is especially harmful as it may drop other malware onto your PC that may cause all sorts of computer malfunctions. You should terminate DNS Changer as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out how.

How to remove DNS Changer?

In order to delete DNS Changer you need to download and install a reliable anti-malware tool. A powerful malware removal program will scan your system and detect the Trojan as well as other malicious infections that could already be on your computer. It will then uninstall DNS Changer along with all of its components. You will not have to worry about your computer safety anymore as the security utility will keep it safe and protected.

Download Removal Toolto remove DNS Changer

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