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DownloadManagerNow Toolbar Removal Instructions

DownloadManagerNow Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application. It works as a browser plugin and is promoted at The website states that the toolbar can provide you with quick access to download management tools, offer a convenient web search, speed up, schedule and resume downloads, etc. The software supports various files including music, video, zip files, and more. It is compatible with all popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

The toolbar was created by Mindspark Interactive Network, which makes it similar to other programs of these developers like EliteUnzip Toolbar, WebmailWorld Toolbar, VerifiedVPN Toolbar, EasyMailLogin Toolbar, and many more. This article will provide you with information about the application and help you decide whether you should remove DownloadManagerNow Toolbar from your PC.

DownloadManagerNow Toolbar  Remove DownloadManagerNow Toolbar

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How does DownloadManagerNow Toolbar work?

The reason why some computer users are not satisfied with the program is because it can modify your browser settings, if you do not un-tick the additional offers during its installation. The toolbar switches your home page, new tab and default search engine to and Although Ask Search is a well-known search provider, it will present you with commercial ads and links. It will also track your cookies and customize the ads that you see online. This is why some computer users prefer to delete DownloadManagerNow Toolbar along with Ask search tools.

The positive features of the toolbar are such links as Download, Scheduler, Settings and Support. The search box powered by also appears on it. The program can be downloaded from its main page, however, it also gets distributed in freeware and shareware bundles. If that is how you acquired it, you should check your system for other potentially unwanted applications. These applications may cause various disturbances. You should not keep them on your PC.

How to remove DownloadManagerNow Toolbar?

If you want to terminate DownloadManagerNow Toolbar, you will have to uninstall it from your system and then delete it from browsers. Additionally, if your home page and default search engine have been modified by and you want to undo these changes, you will have to reset your browsers. Instructions below can help you with that. A more efficient solution in case you have multiple unwanted programs on your PC, however, would be to implement a malware removal tool. The utility will scan your computer, detect and erase DownloadManagerNow Toolbar and other infections. It will also protect your PC from other Internet-based parasites you may encounter online.

DownloadManagerNow Toolbar Removal

Uninstall DownloadManagerNow Toolbar

Windows 8, 7 & Vista

  • Win+R → input Control → OK → Uninstall a program → DownloadManagerNow → Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → DownloadManagerNow → Remove

Delete DownloadManagerNow Toolbar from Extensions

Mozilla Firefox

  • Menu → Add-ons → Extensions → DownloadManagerNow → Remove

Google Chrome

  • Menu → More tools → Extensions → DownloadManagerNow → Trash can icon → Remove

Restore your browser settings (if necessary)

Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset

Mozilla Firefox

  • Menu → Question mark → Firefox Help → Refresh Firefox → Refresh Firefox → Finish

Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome menu → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset settings → Reset

Download Removal Toolto remove DownloadManagerNow Toolbar

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