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Dwm.exe Removal Instructions (Delete dwm.exe)

Dwm.exe is a legitimate Windows file. It is also known as Desktop Window Manager and is located in C:WindowsSystem32 folder. The executable can be found in Windows 7, Windows Vista and other Windows operating systems. Its size is usually about 50MB. This process is a part of the desktop graphical user interface and is responsible for such graphical effects as translucent windows, Aero, live taskbar thumbnails, Flip3D switcher and others.

The process does not use up a lot of system resources and if it is the real file, you should not have any problems with it. However, malicious files can have various names. If a harmful file called Dwm.exe has entered your system and is causing harm to your PC, you should terminate Dwm.exe without delay.

dwm.exe  Remove dwm.exe

How does Dwm.exe work?

There are a few symptoms that you should know about if you want to determine if Dwm.exe that you have in your system is legitimate or not. First of all, if you find the executable file anywhere other than C:WindowsSystem32 folder then you already have a reason to be concerned. Also, if you open your Windows Task Manager and see that Dwm.exe uses up gigabytes of system resources, you can be certain that something is wrong.

The virus that is disguised as a legitimate file belongs to the Trojan family. It can add registry entries in order to prevent the Windows Firewall or an anti-virus application from stopping it. It is often the case that the computer user does not even notice the file on his PC or how he acquired it in the first place. The malicious file could have entered your computer with the help of spam email attachments, fake ads, corrupted links, software bundles and so on. It can cause serious damage to your system. You may experience slow downs and crashes, some programs may become unresponsive, browser settings may get modified and so on. The infection also has the ability to steal your personal data. The sooner you get rid of Dwm.exe, the better.

How to remove Dwm.exe?

Since you are dealing with a malicious threat, you need to eliminate Dwm.exe immediately. To do that you will have to use a powerful anti-malware utility. Manual Dwm.exe removal is not advisable as the executable is not the only element that you need to get rid of. In order to delete Dwm.exe and other malicious files completely, you will have to implement a malware removal tool. Download the utility and let it scan your system. Once it detects the parasites, it will remove Dwm.exe once and for all. You will not have to worry about similar issues in the future as the anti-malware will safeguard your PC from various online dangers.

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