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Fake AdwCleaner Removal Instructions

Fake AdwCleaner is a scareware which attacks Windows users and starts automatically every time you launch your operating system. It does not block any files. The official page of this software is, however is available only if you already have the infection in your PC. This rogue is a fake version of a highly popular application called AdwCleaner.

Since the impostor looks similar to a famous anti-spyware, many users fall for its tricks and pay the required amount of money. If you are seeing a message that encourages you to pay for a full version of AdwCleaner, you must ignore it and remove Fake AdwCleaner from your computer.

fake adwcleaner Remove Fake AdwCleaner

What does Fake AdwCleaner do?

As soon as you download Fake AdwCleaner into your computer, it will run a fake scan which will find a bunch suspicious or even malicious applications in your system. The long list is accompanied by a suggestion to “upgrade to the full version” in order to clean your computer. According to the presented message, the full version costs $59.99. If you wish to buy it, you have to use PayPal. Even though many users get scared and download the promoted application, you should know that the provided scan’s results are fake. Do no believe this scam and remove Fake AdwCleaner from your system.

The interesting thing is that this software often gets into the systems that are really infected with adware and thus when it informs the user that the adware is in their computers, it does not lie. Unfortunately, there is no way this application can take care of this problem for your. Stay away from the message and get rid of Fake AdwCleaner.

If you are one of the users that paid the money and bought the full version of Fake AdwCleaner, you need not worry. You actually acquired the full version of a legitimate AdwCleaner. Of course, knowing that this application is available for free and that you just gave your savings to hackers should be quite annoying. If you are just now encountering this problem, we suggest to eliminate Fake AdwCleaner and install a free and trustworthy AdwCleaner instead. Also, you should not be surprised when a legitimate version does not detect the Fake AdwCleaner in your computer, since that happens to all users.

How to remove Fake AdwCleaner?

It seems pretty clear that you should delete Fake AdwCleaner, since the only goal of this fake anti-spyware is to steal your money. Unfortunately, it is not possible to uninstall Fake AdwCleaner through Control Panel. However, the good news that it is not hard to erase Fake AdwCleaner by deleting its only file which can be found in AppDataLocal folder. The file is usually called SAdwCleaner.exe. You can also employ a professional computer security software and use it to delete Fake AdwCleaner automatically.

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