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FF Tasker Removal Instructions

FF Tasker is an advertising supported program designed for Mozilla Firefox browser. Its offcial website is and the intruder connects with it every time one of its numerous audio advertisements is loaded.

While the adware application is not malicious, it does performs click fraud in your system. We do not recommend letting this program stay in your computer. The best choice would be to terminate FF Tasker.

FF Tasker  Remove FF Tasker

What does FF Tasker do?

Like any other adware, FF Tasker presents users with countless ads in all Firefox windows that you open. While at first glance the ads may seem interesting and entertaining, they soon start irritating and distracting the user. Usually, the mere presence of the annoying ads is enough to convince the user to look for ways to get rid of FF Tasker.

Another reason why you should seriously consider FF Tasker removal is the tracking it performs from the moment it enters your computer. The software follows your Internet activities and records the gathered data. All the collected knowledge about your preferences and interests will be used to customize the ads, which, as we said, at first may look very attractive. However, we doubt that you are comfortable with the constant monitoring of your online habits. To stop the spying, you need to delete FF Tasker.

You also need to know that no matter how well the ads correspond with your latest searches, you should not click them, since they are untrustworthy. The adware is not liable for any damage done to your computer by the promoted third parties and thus, it does not check them. As a result, you may enter a malicious page and get infected with malware after clicking one of the ads. We do not need to explain that serious malware infection is much more dangerous than a simple adware. Uninstall FF Tasker as soon as possible.

In most cases, the adware infiltrates your computer bundled with freeware from the suspicious websites. If you often download free software from unofficial sources, you need to learn to protect your PC better. Always choose Advanced or Custom installation option and read EULA. In this document, deselect all unknown programs.

How to remove FF Tasker?

If you wish to delete FF Tasker, you can always purchase a reputable computer security tool and let it do the job for you. However, if you want to take care of FF Tasker removal yourself, we prepared instructions. Take note, that this adware cannot be removed via Control Panel. Instead you will have to remove FF Tasker from Mozilla Firefox extensions and remove %PROGRAMFILES%fftaskerfftasker.exe.

Erase FF Tasker

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox.
  • Press Tools and choose Add-ons.
  • Open Add-ons Manager and click Extensions.
  • Eliminate all suspicious add-ons.

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