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What is FinFisher?

FinFisher (sometimes called FinSpy) is treated as a very sneaky and suspicious application that can enter your computer’s (or even smart-phone’s) system and then start to secretly monitor all your activities. In general, this application is dedicated to particular agencies that have a full right to monitor and spy some computers in order to discover the cases of various illegal activities. However, cyber criminals have modified this questionable application and now use it as a device to infect random computers. The tricky part about this application is that it doesn’t actually indicate any signs of infection.

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So, you may not even suspect that all your searching and browsing activities are constantly monitored. So, if your computer’s security system is not capable to detect this infection, you should observe some unclear activities performed by your computer’s system by yourself and then eliminate FinFisher as soon as possible.

How can FinFisher enter your computer?

The ways in which FinFisher can reach your computer are just as vague and questionable as the main application. However, our research group has found out that in most often cases this application may be installed into your computer when you open the spam letter that is infected, or when you manage any unreliable update. You should also know that this unsafe application can reach your computer bundled with diverse freeware files that are usually distributed by potentially dangerous third party. So, paying more attention to the installation process can help you to avoid FinFisher and other similar infections. It is recommended to choose either Custom or Advanced installation option and look for all additional unwanted applications that can be easily deselected.

How does FinFisher act?

As it was mentioned before, there are no clear signs which could indicate that your computer is infected by this cunning application. In general, as soon as FinFisher enters your computer (or a smart-phone) it acquires the full right to monitor all your activities. You should know that this application unlike other potentially unwanted applications can not only monitor your browsing activities but also record your calls on the Skype program, find out your credit card numbers, your name and surname, passwords or user names. After that, all your personal information might be used for really malignant purposes. So, there are no doubts that FinFisher has to be removed from your computer or smart phone right now.

How to uninstall FinFisher?

The only way to protect your computer form such dangerous infections is to install a reliable anti virus. However, if your computer is already infected by FinFisher you shouldn’t hesitate anymore and start FinFisher removal procedure. With respect to the fact that FinFisher is really dangerous infection it cannot be spotted and eliminated during the manual removal process. That’s why you have to download and install reputable anti-spyware application such as SpyHunter that will detect, delete FinFisher infection and protect your computer from any other internet threats.

Download Removal Toolto remove FinFisher

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