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Flipora Removal Guide (How to delete Flipora)

Flipora is a potentially unwanted application that can modify your browser settings. Once you install this browser add-on, it changes your home page to That is why Flipora is sometimes referred to as a browser hijacker. The application has an official site, but you can not download it from there without signing up and connecting to your Facebook page or email account.

That raises certain privacy-related issues, because if you do connect through Facebook or email, you expose some of your personal details. We do not recommend allowing the program to access your private data. If, however, you have already agreed to it, we suggest you delete Flipora as soon as you can.

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How does Flipora work?

Flipora was developed by Infoaxe Inc. It is supposed to present you with websites that are visited by your friends and other users with similar interests. The application also automatically saves the pages that you enter. What you should keep in mind is that as soon as you install Flipora, your home page and default search engine will be switched to If you use the given search provider, you will notice that its results are not the same as the ones from other search engines. You will see ads and sponsored links along with other references. If you want to go back to using your regular search tools, you should terminate Flipora.

Despite it being often referred to as a browser hijacker, Flipora does not modify your browser settings without your permission. You may not have noticed allowing it to do so, but you did agree to it at some point. Another addition to your browsers is a shortcut button that redirects you to In this feed you will see content from various social networking sites like Tumblr, 9gag and so on. On the left pane you will also see the list of your friends that like the same links.  Remove Flipora

How to remove Flipora from my PC?

If you want to improve your online safety, you should definitely eliminate Flipora from your computer. The application provides you with unsafe web content and you should not tolerate that. In order to remove Flipora you can either download a malware removal tool or reset your browser settings manually. The first option is much more reliable, because if you use an anti-malware utility, you will get rid of not only Flipora, but also other infections that may be on your PC. However, if you want to try manual removal, you can use the instructions provided below.

Flipora Removal

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Gear icon and open Internet Options
  • Replace your home page on the General tab
  • Click on the icon and select Manage add-ons
  • In Extensions delete Flip BHO and Flipora Sidebar
  • Move to Search Providers and choose a new engine

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Shift+Ctrl+A and click Extensions
  • Terminate Flip BHO and Flipora Sidebar
  • Click on the Firefox menu and open Options
  • On the General tab change your home page
  • Go to the Search tab and set a new engine

Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu and go to Settings
  • Under On start up click Set pages
  • Overwrite your home page
  • Under Search click Manage search engines
  • Set a new search engine and go to Extensions
  • Eliminate Flip BHO and Flipora Sidebar.

Uninstall Flipora

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