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What is Flowsurf?

Flowsurf is an ad-supported program, promoted as a tool that will improve your browsing experience. Needless to say, that is not the case. All adware programs are promoted in such a way when in reality they do nothing but display various ads in your browsers that eventually slow down your system speed. Flowsurf is compatible with all popular browsers which means you will not be able to avoid dealing with it. It is often associated with such suspicious programs as Awesomehp, Conduit Search, Bubbledock and others. If you have accidentally installed the adware on your PC your should delete Flowsurf as soon as you can.

How does Flowsurf work?

Although it is possible to download Flowsurf at its official website, it is much more likely that you will acquire the program while downloading freeware or shareware from the Internet. Adware and other unwanted applications quite often come bundled with free software in order to get access to your PC unnoticed. However, you can stop these programs from entering your system if you choose Custom Installation. Next time be sure to deselect all unnecessary applications in the installation wizard.

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flow Remove Flowsurf

Aside from bombarding you with all types of advertisements which is the main feature of Flowsurf, it may also replace other online ads with its own. No matter which search engine you choose to use you will see the ads from Flowsurf. Do not click on any of the adverts presented to you by Flowsurf as you may never know where you will be redirected. The webpage may turn out to be unsafe and you could risk infecting your PC with malware. In order to avoid unnecessary risks and protect your computer you should terminate Flowsurf as soon as possible.

How to remove Flowsurf?

In order to get rid of Flowsurf you can download and install a reliable malware removal tool, .e.g Spyhunter, that will eliminate the adware and all of its components automatically. It will also protect your PC from other infections that you may encounter online. You can also uninstall Flowsurf manually via the Control Panel. Here you need to click on Add or remove programs in Windows XP or Uninstall a program in Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8. Then select and erase Flowsurf from your system. Afterwards, you should also delete Flowsurf from your browsers. Instructions on how to do that are provided below. After you complete manual removal it is also advisable to scan your computer with an anti-malware scanner to make sure that the deletion was complete.

Flowsurf removal from browsers

Reset Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and then Internet Options
2. Choose Advanced tab
3. Click Reset
4. Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
5. Select Delete personal settings
6. Click Reset again

Reset Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on Mozilla Firefox menu
2. Click on Add-ons
3. In Extensions remove Flowsurf
4. Restart Mozilla

Reset Google Chrome

1. Click on Google Chrome menu
2. Select Tools and go to Extensions
3. Find Flowsurf and click on the recycle button
4. Click Remove.

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