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What is FTDownloader?

FTDownloader is classified as an adware program which is bundled with freeware and is associated with Delta Search, SweetIM and other potentially unwanted programs. FTDownloader is promoted as a legitimate tool that will help you download files from It is said to allow you to pause and resume your downloads and increase their speed. However good it may sound one major problem with this application is that it cannot be downloaded on its official website

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The fact that the only way to acquire FTDownloader is by downloading other software from the Internet is definitely a red flag. If you unknowingly installed the adware to your PC we suggest to remove FTDownloader as soon as you can.

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What does FTDownloader do?

Once FTDownloader gets into your computer system it will start embedding various types of advertisements into your browsers. You will not able to do much web surfing without being constantly interrupted by pop-ups, banners and sponsored links. After awhile, or probably even sooner than that, it will become practically unbearable to use your browser.

FTDownloader is not a virus, so it can not cause any severe damage to your PC on its own. However, it does open doors to other malware to do just that. If you click on the links provided by FTDownloader it is quite possible that you will be redirected to a malicious website that may infect your computer. It is also possible that FTDownloader will track your cookies and collect your personal information like visited pages, made searches and so on.

FTDownloader is compatible with all popular browsers, however, it is sometimes blocked by Mozilla Firefox. That makes it even more obvious that you should not keep it on your PC. We suggest to uninstall FTDownloader to improve your computer safety.

How to delete FTDownloader?

Unfortunately, even if you eliminate FTDownloader it does not ensure that all components of the adware will be deleted as well. Therefore, we suggest to opertae automatic FTDownloader removal by using a powerful anti-malware tool such as SpyHunter. It will detect all files associated with the adware and completely eliminate it. SpyHunter will also scan the PC for other possible threats and remove them if necessary. What is more, having a reliable malware prevention and removal tool you will be able to surf the web safely and without any unwanted interruptions. Still, if you choose to uninstall the adware manually via Control Panel, afterwards you should scan your system with an anti-spyware tool to make sure that all elements of FTDownloader are eliminated.

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