Malware Removal Instructions is an email address associated with a malicious software called Crypto-ransomware. Users look for the instructions on how to deal with this malware using as a keyword, because the message from cyber crooks has this email in it. If you found this virus in your system, it means that your PC is at great risk, because this infection is really dangerous.

It is similar to TeslaCrypt Ransomware, Coin Locker, ZeroLocker, and it looks like it was created by the same cyber criminals too. Either way, this rogue is hazardous for your computer and you should remove as soon as possible. removal Remove

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What does do?

In many cases, is spread with a help of exploit kits and spam email attachments. If you care about your computer’s safety, you should be more careful during your browsing and learn to handle spam emails with a great deal of caution. You should also consider the fact that this ransomware can be not the only malware in your PC. We advise to scan the entire system with a trustworthy computer security tool after you delete

The moment enters your computer, it starts encrypting your files. The infection is able to affect such files like .ptt, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, and some others. Once these files are encrypted, the rogue will present you with a message, which will inform you that the only way to recover your files is to contact the attackers for the decoder and the original key.

Attention! Your computer was attacked by virus-encoder .
All your files are encrypted cryptographically strong, without the original key recovery is impossible!
To get the decoder and the original key, you need to write us at the e-mail with the subject “encryption” stating your id.
Write on the case, do not waste your and our time on empty threats.
Responses to letters only
appropriate people are not adequate ignore.

Computer experts, however, doubt that paying the money, which the hackers will certainly demand, can help you regain your files. The truth is that it is not likely that the criminals who infected your computer, encrypted your files and will expect payment would be willing to give you the decryption key. It is far more likely that you will loose your savings and will be left with a bunch of unavailable files. You should also consider the fact that paying the money will reveal your banking information to hackers which could have long lasting and damaging consequences. We strongly recommend to keep your money to yourself and to trust a legitimate anti-malware to delete Afterwards, you should contact reliable professionals for the decryption of the files.

How to remove

As we already explained, it would not be wise to follow the demands of this intruder. Instead you should install an authentic anti-malware and use it to uninstall Such malware removal software will be able to terminate and any other malicious application that currently resides in your system. Also, after removal, the same scanner will be able to stay and safeguard your system in the future.

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